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Hamish Woodward

tegan nox

Tegan Nox reveals why she was FIRED from WWE

With WWE bringing all their top stars to Cardiff for WWE Clash of the Castle, one of the best Welsh wrestlers in the world will be noticeably absent from the big show in the Welsh capital. Tegan Nox, or Nixon Newell as she is known outside of WWE, is one of top wrestlers from Wales ...

Hamish Woodward


Tegan Nox Released: Nixon Newell should be AEW next signing

WWE announced the 43rd wave of releases last night, with some surprising names on the list. However, as a Welshman, none were more disappointing than seeing Tegan Nox on the list. Formerly known as Nixon Newell, Tegan Nox looked to be one of the next big stars of the WWE women’s division, and should be ...

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