Tegan Nox Released: Nixon Newell should be AEW next signing

Hamish Woodward

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WWE announced the 43rd wave of releases last night, with some surprising names on the list. However, as a Welshman, none were more disappointing than seeing Tegan Nox on the list. Formerly known as Nixon Newell, Tegan Nox looked to be one of the next big stars of the WWE women’s division, and should be the next big AEW signing.

Joining the likes of Malakai Black, Andrade El Idolo, Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson, Nixon Newell would be the latest in a long list of WWE stars who moved to AEW after release.

She showed in NXT and on the main roster that she had bags of abilities and had the potential to be a huge star of the women’s division. Her feud with Dakota Kai was one of the best in NXT during their time there, and her tag team with Shotzi Blackheart showed she had new facets to her game.

She revealed after her release that she was going to revert back to her previous ring name, Nixon Newell.

Tegan Nox to AEW

Tegan Nox, or Nixon Newell as she will be known, to AEW, for me is a no brainer for me. The women’s division in is still needed help being built up. While established talents like Britt Baker, Thunder Rosa and Hikura Shida have carried the division, up and coming talents like Tay Conti have been allowed to shine in recent months.

However, the amount of unproven talents is the majority. While Conti has shown vast improvements over the last year, the likes of Anna Jay and Penelope Ford have been stunted in their progression.

The addition of a top women’s wrestler in one of the best Welsh wrestlers of all time, despite being just 27, would be a huge get for the division.

While showing great in ring ability, her work on UpUpDownDown also showed excellent personality from Nixon Newell, which would fit right at home in AEW if signed. She would certainly be able to show her talents great on the multiple vlogs AEW have, like Being the Elite and Sammy’s Vlog.

Tegan Nox release

Tegan Nox’s release came to a great shock to a number of fans. Despite her recently being split from tag partner Shotzi Blackheart, the pair were a featured part of the WWE women’s tag division. This odd couple team was a bright spot in the Smackdown women’s tag division.

The pair faced WWE Women’s tag team champions Natalya and Tamina multiple times on Smackdown. They won every encounter, defeating the champions but never receiving a championship match. This is just an example of WWE’s shocking booking which has led people to watching AEW Dynamite in their millions.

And it’s exactly why she should go to AEW. Whilst AEW has had criticism for the women’s division (and mostly warranted), they have booked consistent, logical storylines to try and make their women look as legitimate as possible.

They have created stars like Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida, Nyla Rose and Tay Conti, and all have grown into great wrestlers and great characters.

Tegan Nox may be more talented than all of them. And while Tegan Nox’s career may be over, it’s time for Nixon Newell to do Wales proud and become a huge star in AEW.

She has had some injury issues in WWE, with two long term knee injuries derailing her progress. However, at only 27 years old, she has a bright future ahead of her. There’s no doubt in my mind she can be the first British AEW Women’s Champion, and the greatest Welsh wrestler of all time.

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