The Best Welsh Wrestlers In WWE History, Revealed

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Best Welsh Wrestlers

Big wrestling stars from Wales are hard to come by these days, but we’ve managed to come up with a list of the best Welsh wrestlers to wrestle inside a WWE ring

It’s fair to say that Welsh wrestlers in WWE haven’t had the best impact. There have been few that you could say set the WWE alight. However, there have been some. And if there are some, there is a best welsh wrestler.

I am being too harsh on the current crop of Wales’ wrestlers. There are currently some excellent Welsh Wrestlers in WWE, and even more travelling the world as champions of promotions like Impact.

The all-Welsh Subculture currently hold the Impact Tag Team Championships

There have historically been a few Welshman grapples in the WWE, but much less than their English, Scottish and Irish counterparts.

Why that is, I cannot tell you. But the current band of Welshman and women are tearing it up in WWE, and will certainly make this list.

Here are the greatest and best Welsh wrestlers to ever wrestling in the WWE.

Best Welsh Wrestlers in WWE History

Flash Morgan Webster

I fell in love with this man as I watched him fly through the air in Cardiff. NXT UK Takeover Cardiff was the greatest show I’ve seen live, partially because of this man.

Seeing Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews win the NXT UK tag team championships magical. As a Welshman, seeing someone from Wales not only wrestling but winning a title was incredible to watch.

Webster showed himself as an incredible high flyer. His 450 splashes and springboard moves were mesmarising to watch.

The many false finishes in the match, usually involving Flash Morgan Webster, had me off my seat every single time.

My voice was horse after the match cheering for this heroic Welshman, and I wish there’d been a Webster shirt to buy in the CIA that day.

Webster has most recently wrestled in NXT UK, but has wrestled all over the country. He has wrestled for all the top promotions in the UK, most notably for PROGRESS.

Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews. Mandrews. Mrews. Ms. He can be called all these names, although the last too very infrequently.

Mark Andrews is one of the best cruiserweights in WWE, and it is a crime he is not on the main roster. His stint in NXT UK has been great, having a number of fantastic matches and even a NXT UK tag team title run.

I first saw Mark Andrews during a Chikara show in Cardiff. He was a surprise guest, defeating Silver Ant in a “Shooting Star Splash” match (lucky that was the stipulation). He was incredible in the ring, and his shooting star press was a thing of beauty.

His match against Pete Dunne for the NXT UK Championship was incredible, and one I rewatch regularly. I’ve never screamed so loud as to when he and Flash Morgan Webster won the NXT UK Tag Team titles.

Me and the rest of the crowd were so behind the Welsh lads that every near fall was like my heart breaking every time. The pop when they finally won was incredible, and that match made me a fan of the pair for life.

I never thought I’d see a Welsh Champion in WWE, but these boys proved me wrong. This puts both of them as some of the best Welsh wrestlers in WWE history. Definitely the greatest male wrestlers, and one of the best British wrestlers in the world, but there is one woman who could rival them…

Tegan Nox

If it wasn’t for injuries, then Tegan Nox would be battling the likes of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair on the main roster.

Formerly known as Nixon Newell, Nox has suffered a number of knee injuries since signing with WWE 2017. She had to drop out of the first Mae Young Classic due to a horrific knee injury, tearing almost every muscle and ligament in her leg.

Just as she was establishing herself as one of the top faces in NXT, Tegan Nox suffered a second ACL tear. It was a horrible thing for such a rising, young Welsh star. However, it showed the incredible resilience Tegan Nox had, to come back from two awful injuries, and to come back stronger than ever.

Nox is now on the main roster, tagging with Shotzi Blackheart on Smackdown. The pair have defeated the Women’s tag team champions multiple times, and surely deserve a championship match in the future.

Sadly, Tegan Nox was a casualty in the latest wave of WWE releases. She was fired from WWE due to “budget cuts”, and will have 90 days before she can compete again. Ideally, she would sign for AEW, who need to add some experienced wrestlers to their division.

Despite being only 27 years old, she has bags of experience and is certainly a star in the making. She was recently rehired by the WWE and stars once again as the “The Girl With The Shiniest Wizard” Tegan Nox. She recently Competed in the 2023 Royal Rumble match and is definitely the greatest Welsh woman wrestler in WWE history.

Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan was part of the Nexus with CM Punk for a bit. He also had some matches in NXT.

I mean really, what else were you expecting. He was on the main roster and looked a bit like Batista.

I wanted him to be the WWE Champion, obviously because he’s Welsh. But he wasn’t very good.

He did get to wrestle Booker T in the Royal Rumble briefly so… Yeah.

Best Welsh Wrestlers in WWE history

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