Sabu Makes AEW Debut Amid Racism Controversy

Hamish Woodward

ECW Legend Sabu made his AEW debut last night on AEW Dynamite, despite historic controversies regarding him still lingering. The ...

How Sabu Broke His Neck In ECW, Explained

Hamish Woodward

Despite being known as one of the most influential wrestlers of all time, Sabu has had his fair share of ...

Sabu’s Last Match And A Huge Retirement Match Against Brock Lesnar

Hamish Woodward

It’s nearly two years since Sabu wrestled his last match in wrestling, but fans still clamour for more of the ...

Forgotten Match | Sabu vs John Cena’s Hardcore Extravaganza

Hamish Woodward

Sabu is one of the most influential and revolutionary wrestlers in the history of the sport. He turned pro-wrestling on ...

What Happened To Sabu? (WWE Firing, Retirement)

Hamish Woodward

Sabu is a name that resonates with wrestling fans around the world. As a pioneer of the extreme wrestling style, ...

Sabu ECW

Sabu Botches In ECW Were On Purpose To Trick Fans

Hamish Woodward

Sabu is an ECW legend and is considered a pioneer of wrestling in the 1990s. His death-defying style with no ...

Rob Van Damn WWE Championship

Rob Van Dam On His WWE Championship Reign Ending Due To Arrest

Hamish Woodward

While traveling from a show in West Virginia to Philadelphia with Sabu on July 1st, 2006, Rob Van Dam was ...

ECW Legend Sabu announced retirement from wrestling

Hamish Woodward

It’s a sad day today, as professional wrestling legend Sabu has announced his decision to retire from in-ring competition. Sabu ...

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