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Mick Foley Reveals Secret Of Terry Funk’s Amazing Punches

Mick Foley realized the secret behind the incredible punches of Terry Funk, but only when he set foot in the ring with him for the first time. Both men are WWE Hall of Famers and legends of the ring, with many considering them two of the greatest wrestlers of all time. With Funk’s recent death, ...

Hamish Woodward

Terry Funk Had The Worst 5 Star Match In History

A five-star match is usually the mark of an all-time classic match, but that’s not always the case. Terry Funk had a few himself, over his legendary career. His I Quit match with Ric Flair at Clash of the Champions 1989 is heralded as an all-time great match, and still holds up to modern wrestling ...

Hamish Woodward

Wrestling Legend Terry Funk Dies Age 79

Former NWA World’s Heavyweight and ECW Champion Terry Funk has passed away, age 79. The wrestling legend was living in an assisted-living home for the past few years, suffering from the affects of dementia. Ric Flair announced his death on Threads, posting a touching tribute to him with a series of photos depicting the two ...

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Terry Funk’s Last Match Finally Happened In 2017

Famous for his never-ending supply of retirement matches, Terry Funk was never really expected to ever retire. However, the day finally came in 2017 when the Funker would wrestle his final match and put an end to years of memes about Terry Funk’s retirement match. Terry Funk’s Last Match Terry Funk wrestled his last match ...

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Terry Funk’s WWE Debut Actually Took Place In 1971

Many fans remember Terry Funk for his WWE run as Chainsaw Charlie in the Attitude Era. Other older fans may remember his battles with Hulk Hogan in the 1980s. However, it was over a decade prior when he made his WWE debut, teaming with his father in one of the most legendary arenas in wrestling ...

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Terry Funk Gave ECW Credibility, Claims Tommy Dreamer

Terry Funk is a legend in the history of ECW, being one of the most important figures in the company’s history. The legendary wrestler turned up in his 50s to do battle in Paul Heyman’s promotion, in a move that filled everyone with shock and aew. The Hardcore Icon was a legend at this point, ...

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Mick Foley Leads Tributes To Terry Funk After Legend’s Death

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has paid tribute to the late Terry Funk, who passed away in the evening of August 23rd, 2023. Funk had been in an assisted living facility since 2021, suffering from dementia after a lifetiem on the road as a professional wrestling. Despite being famous for retiring, Terry Funk’s last ...

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Terry Funk’s ECW Debut & Final Match In The Company

Many fans remember Terry Funk for his time in ECW as the old gunslinger, having one last ride as the ECW Championship. He was a huge star, coming into the company under Paul Heyman and helping move the company onto the next level with his star power and in-ring ability. He is considered by many to be ...

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Bret Hart’s Last Ever Match Was NOT Against Goldberg

Bret Hart is considered to be the best technical wrestler of all time and one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of wrestling. The former WWE and WCW Champion is one of Canada’s favourite sons, and Bret Hart gave it his all whether it was his first match or his last match. Bret Hart’s ...

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Jon Moxley reveals when he wants to retire from wrestling

Jon Moxley has revealed that he plans to wrestle well into his 50s, the AEW star has revealed. The former WWE and AEW Champion has wowed fans for nearly 20 years with his death defying antics in the ring, and thinks he can carry on wrestling for another 20 years. Jon Moxley (or Dean Ambrose ...

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