Jon Moxley reveals when he wants to retire from wrestling

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jon moxley retirement

Jon Moxley has revealed that he plans to wrestle well into his 50s, the AEW star has revealed. The former WWE and AEW Champion has wowed fans for nearly 20 years with his death defying antics in the ring, and thinks he can carry on wrestling for another 20 years.

Jon Moxley (or Dean Ambrose as he was known in WWE) is one of the most popular wrestlers on the planet. He gained worldwide acclaim as Dean Ambrose as one part of The Shield, alongside Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. He would later gain solo accolades including a WWE Championship reign in 2016, but would ultimately leave WWE in 2019 and promptly sign for competitors AEW.

In AEW, he become the second ever AEW Champion when he defeated Chris Jericho for the title at AEW Revolution 2020. He held the title for over 8 months, finally losing it to Kenny Omega at AEW Winter is Coming 2020.

However, every wrestler must one day hang up their boots and call it a day. Even Terry Funk, who was the one man who refused to die, finally retired from wrestling over 20 years after his first retirement match.

Jon Moxley has revealed he wants to match the energy of the everlasting Funk, and wrestling well into his 50s. He revealed this in an interview with ReelTalker, where he was promoting his movie Cagefighter, he talked about when he wanted to retire and if it would be in the near future.

“I’d like to wrestle till I’m in my 50’s, hopefully. Whatever that means? I don’t know. AEW in the United States, will definitely always be my home, I think. It’s just done so much for me and I’ve done everything I could to help build the brand and solidify it as a legit alternative and it’s vital to the wrestling industry that AEW be successful. I don’t see that changing ever. I have loyalty to the people who treat me well and they have treated me extremely well.”

Jon Moxley on retiring

Despite all the talk of retirement, Jon Moxley is still only 36 years of age. He has easily another 15 years ahead of him in the ring in his prime, if we look at wrestlers like Chris Jericho (51) and Dustin Rhodes (52), who wrestle regularly in AEW weekly. Looking even further forward toward Sting, who is 63 and wrestles semi-regularly in AEW, can be an inspiration to Moxley in his bid to extend his career.

He can take advice from Bryan Danielson, who has recently claimed to have changed his style in order to extend his career. Danielson has taken advice from the likes of Minoru Suzuki and Yugi Nagata in order to change his style and keep wrestling into his 50s, like Jon Moxley wants to do.

Jon Moxley’s retirement will, health permitting, be a long way away. This will give us a lot more time to enjoy and appreciate the in-ring genius of one of the most talented and popular wrestlers in AEW today.

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