Who is Bianca Carelli? NXT’s newest signing is a second generation superstar

Hamish Woodward

bianca carelli

The newest signing by NXT is Bianca Carelli. The Canadian athlete has signed a deal with WWE’s developmental brand, NXT, and has reported to the WWE Performance Centre to begin her training to be a WWE superstar.

Whilst the name Bianca Carelli may not be familiar to the WWE audience just yet, her father is a household name to WWE fans. Bianca Carelli is the daughter of former WWE Intercontinental Champion Anthony Carelli, also known as Santino Marella.

Bianca Carelli was part of the next WWE Performance Centre Recruits in March 2022, joining 14 other male and female aspiring wrestlers in their bid to become a WWE Superstars. She has all the talents needed to flourish in the WWE, as her father revealed.

Santino Marella, in an interview with JBL and Gerald Briscoe, had many things to say about his daughter ahead of her joining NXT. In the interview, the former WWE Tag Team Champion gushed over his daughter, calling her a “Best” and a “Top-tier player”

bianca carelli and santino marella

My daughter is starting at the PC in two weeks. She got hired. She’s a beast, man. She’s going to be an absolute top-tier player.

She was identified from a young child. You know, she won her school speeches and she was Ms. Teen Ontario, she’s a television personality and she’s tall and she’s strong.”

In a couple of years, I can’t wait to go to WrestleMania just as a parent going to watch their kid. I don’t want to do anything, I don’t want to sign, I don’t want to talk to anybody. I’m just here to watch my kid and I just cannot wait for that.”

The revelation on her being a former Ms. Teen Ontario and a television personality will bode well for her WWE career. Vince McMahon is famously high on models-turned-wrestlers, with the likes of Trish Stratus and Eva Marie doing well in WWE under his watch.

Her television experience will also come in handy, with one of the skills NXT teaches is being comfortable in front of the camera. If she already has mastered that fact, she will start ahead of her peers and have a bigger chance of making it on the main roster.

Bianca Carelli is not new to wrestling, however. She has already trained to be a professional wrestler, although it is unknown at the moment whether or not her father had any hand in her training. She has wrestled in 8 matches prior to signing with WWE, so still has a lot to learn in WWE. However, that base knowledge could give her a better chance of making it in WWE than her fellow signees who have no prior experience in the ring.

Bianca Carelli is one of the many second generation wrestlers signed to WWE at the moment. She joins fellow children of famous wrestlers like Bron Breakker, Charlie Dempsey and Xia Brookside to be signed to NXT, and will hope to become as successful as the likes of Randy Orton and The Rock.

The former actress and model also had a WWE try-out in 2019, which you can listen to here on Chris Van Vilet’s Youtube Channel.

Did you know that Bianca Carelli was Santino Marella’s daughter? Are you looking forward to seeing her in NXT some time in the near future? Let us know in the comments or click below to keep reading

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