The Best Second Generation WWE and AEW wrestlers up-and-coming

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Some of the most famous wrestlers of our time come from wrestling families. Bret Hart as part of the famous Hart family, and trained by his father Stu in the infamous Hart Dungeon. The Rock is a third generation star, with his father Rocky Johnson and Grandfather Peter Maivia both former wrestlers. Randy Orton, a star of the 2000s and beyond, is also the third generation of his family to get into the business. But now there are a new crop of second generation wrestlers in WWE and AEW.

The future looks bright in WWE, NXT and AEW, with a number of second generation stars. Here are just five of the biggest potential stars, who are all second generation wrestlers in WWE, NXT or AEW.

Speaking of second generation wrestlers in AEW, AEW have made an exciting announcement. The late great brother of Bret Hart, Owen Hart, will be honoured as part of AEW. The Owen Hart AEW video game debut is a huge talking point, as is the upcoming Owen Hart Cup tournament.

Bron Breakker

Bronn Breakker has recently made his debut in NXT, having his first match on the debut NXT 2.0 episode. He beat LA Knight to open the show, and looked good in victory. He is the son of Rick Steiner and nephew of Scott Steiner. His wrestling style and look is that of his father, and in promo’s he sounds just like Scott Steiner.

Despite only two televised matches under his belt, Bron Breakker really impressed. He was solid in the ring, pulling out some very impressive moves like a gorilla press powerslam for his finisher. He is one of the biggest potential second generation wrestlers in the world, and looks to be part of the NXT main event in the near future. A title match against Tomasso Ciampa looks to be in the cards soon, and it would not be surprising if he wins the belt in the first few months of his career.

Dominik Mysterio

When Rey Mysterio lost custody of his son in a ladder match, very few people thought they’d see Dominik Mysterio ever again. I bet nobody could have guessed that that young boy would one day hold the WWE Tag Team Champions with his father, in a first father-son championship team in WWE history.

Dominik Mysterio has come on leaps and bounds since his impressive debut against Seth Rollins. The pair at Summerslam 2020 in a street fight, and Dominik has become an integral part of WWE ever since. A feud with Rey Mysterio is surely in the works before Rey retires, and there is rumours of Dominik even wearing the famous mask at some point in his career.

Brian Pillman Jr

The son of the late Brian Pillman has made quite a name for himself in AEW over the past year. Brian Pillman Jr has been part of a succesful tag team, the Varsity Blondes, as well as some high profile singles matches too. He faced off with MJF, one of the top stars in AEW, in a battling loss at the AEW Grand Slam show. The feud started when MJF insulted his father in Cincinnati, which is Pillman Jr’s home town.

Brian Pillman Jr looks set to be a main player for the next few years in AEW. He still has a lot do to get to the main event, but he looks to have all the tools and attitude to be a main fixture in AEW for a long, long time.

Brock Anderson

Despite looking 45 years old, Brock Anderson is just 24 and one of the hottest second generation wrestlers in AEW. Anderson made his AEW Dynamite debut against Malakai Black, trying to avenge his father Arn Anderson who Black kicked in the head on AEW Dynamite.

The match was surprisingly competitive, with the young Anderson gaining control over Malakai Black. Sadly for the second generation AEW wrestler, he was the latest victim of Malakai Black’s “Black Mass” Kick, knocking him out.

Anderson has inherited his fathers ability to look like he’s in his forties his entire life. Despite this, he is still young

Charlie Dempsey

Charlie Dempsey NXT UK

Charlie Dempsey is a new superstar in NXT UK. He debuted under his real name in a loss to Tyler Bate back in February, but has since been renamed to Charlie Dempsey.

Dempsey impressed in his debut, and has sought teaching from various British legends like William Regal and Marty Jones to hone his craft with his own unique style. He looks set to be one for the future, and for someone his size to be so technical, the future could be bright for the British-American Wrestler.

Is Charlie Dempsey looks familiar to you, then that might be because you recognise him as the son of a WWE legend. He is the second generation of Regal wrestlers, with WWE legend William Regal being his father.

With his dad at the helm of training NXT talent, he’ll have to work hard to impress his old man in the ring. Maybe he can be like William Regal King of the Ring in the future. His father was one of the best British wrestlers of all time, so hopefully Charlie can follow in his footsteps.

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