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Could Triple H Lure Jon Moxley Back To WWE?

Could Triple H Lure Jon Moxley Back To WWE?

Will Jon Moxley return to WWE now that Triple H has taken over the company?

A Jon Moxley WWE return would be the biggest return to WWE since the rumoured Cody Rhodes Wrestlemania return. The former Dean Ambrose made his name in the WWE, first as part of The Shield and then as a singles competitor. He had numerous memorable moments in the company, inclduign some legendary six man tag team matches and winning the WWE Championship in 2016

Jon Moxley left WWE in 2019 and immediately signed for AEW, making his debut at AEW Double or Nothing 2019. After leaving WWE Jon Moxley came to AEW to attack both Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega. He would wrestle both those men, eventually winning the AEW Championship from Chris Jericho and losing it to Kenny Omega.

With his contract rumoured to be up in 2022, a Jon Moxley WWE return seems unlikely, but not impossible. He spoke about how he hated how creatively unfulfilling it was working with WWE, and praised the creative freedom he receives from Tony Khan in AEW.

However, after seeing Cody Rhodes leave AEW with the expectation to sign with WWE, it leaves the door open for more AEW talents to sign with Vince McMahon and company. This time next year we could be seeing Jon Moxley in WWE, with a Roman Reigns vs Jon Moxley WWE Championship match being featured at Wrestlemania 39.

Could Jon Moxley return to WWE? Do you think a Jon Moxley WWE return could happen in 2022?

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Jon Moxley WWE

In an interview last year with Bleacher Report, Jon Moxley spoke about many things related to WWE and if he would return to the company. He also commented on his former Shield teammates Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, and if he still talks to them on a day to day basis like he once did.

“Very occasionally. Seth’s about to have a kid, so that’s cool. You just get in this world and you get really busy, especially in a pandemic world, everyone is in their own little bubbles. That’s the good thing about wrestling: it’s never goodbye, it’s just see you along the way. When you go through certain things with people, you’re always bonded.”

Jon Moxley return to WWE

When asked about a potential return to the ring with WWE, Moxley seemed sheepish. He warned them to “never say never” and that he would listen if WWE called (especially with Triple H now in charge), but seemed unlikely to make the step back to WWE from AEW.

“You gotta say never say never, because you don’t want to run back what you said years later because you don’t know what’ll happen.

“Just the creation of AEW was so vital to the wrestling industry, and that’s part of the reason why I’m so proud to be a part of it. I wouldn’t rule out ever doing business with them again, we had a mutually beneficial relationship for a long time.

If they called I would listen, but I highly doubt we would ever be on the same page. I’d be open to an idea. I don’t not like money. I got a kid on the way and gotta put it through college so ya know. I would take a phone call, but I highly doubt anything would materialize.”

“Never say never” is the key takeaway from this Jon Moxley interview. Moxley indicated that, while he is currently happy in his role with AEW, he would not rule out ever returning to WWE. He thinks that it could mutually beneficial to work with WWE again, with them currently earning record profits and having their most successful years of all time.

However, he did not seem likely to join. Seeing a Jon Moxley WWE return does not seem like something he is interested in creatively, as the only reason he brought up about returning to WWE was money-related.

If AEW continues to grow and Jon Moxley continues to show his worth in AEW, it is easy to see AEW matching or even exceeding whatever WWE will offer him in order to keep the former WWE and AEW Champion from Vince McMahon’s clutches. Only time will tell whether or not Jon Moxley will follow Cody Rhodes to WWE and Wrestlemania.

peaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer also gave his view on a potential WWE return. The journalist did qualify his stance by repeating the phrase “never say never” but also warned those that think Triple H taking over WWE could give Moxley an opening to return, to “don’t bet on it”

“It’s something, now Levesque [Triple H] is in there, people are saying all these guys are gonna go back, and like I said, when top guy’s contracts are up they’re gonna get real good offers to go back, or guys that have never been there to go. That’s just going to be the nature of the beast, and Tony Khan’s gonna have to either offer them big contracts too or they’ll go.

I saw Moxley’s name, people going like ‘Oh now with Vince [McMahon] gone Moxley will whatever.’ All I will say is, don’t bet on that one. I mean you never say never but that is one…”

Jon Moxley is currently embroiled in the top angle in AEW as he is set to battle former WWE star CM Punk on AEW Dynamite. Meanwhile, fellow Shield brothers Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have huge matches booked for Clash at the Castle. Reigns is taking on Drew McIntyre in the main event, whilst Seth Rollins battles rival Riddle in a heavily anticipated matchup.

Triple H has transformed WWE in only a single month and will look to improve it even more over the years. With The Game in charge, Jon Moxley could return to WWE and have the run as Dean Ambrose that he should have all those years ago.

Would you like to see a Jon Moxley WWE return? Let us know in the comments or click Next Article to read more.

Fat Thor

Friday 23rd of September 2022

HELL No. He should stay at AEW. They have some of the best talent in the industry and Moxley is one. They give the talent so much more creative freedom and I hear they are loving it. I know the fans are! And I love that someone like Orange Casidy and many others his size in AEW can go in there and put on a match the likes you almost never see at WWE. Instead at WWE guys like him even with all that talent are usually the 1 minute beating bags for some new 6ft 6in 300 lbs guy to put through the mat, step on his chest and get the 3 count. The WWE writers kind of suck. The story lines are worn out and sometimes just plane stupid. And lastly, let the talent go out there and do what they do. There is a reason that you only hear the crowd chant "this is awsome!" Maybe a handful of times a year between Raw and Smack Down both, but almost weekly you hear that chant on the AEW shows. It's because their EXCITING and FUN to watch!

John mcmillan

Monday 9th of May 2022

Ohh hell yeah. It would be awsome to see ambrose I mean MOX come back to the A show WWE


Tuesday 26th of April 2022

Yes I would like to see dean Ambrose come back to shock he’ll out of his former shield brother’s and face Roman reigns for both champions titles and send Roman back home for while


Saturday 23rd of April 2022

I'd love to see him come back and take on roman for the titles, that would be awesome and see him win the titles from Roman.

Tim Kelly

Saturday 16th of April 2022

Yes, we want Jon Moxley to return to wwe