AEW All Out 2022 set to be MJF vs CM Punk?

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mjf vs cm punk

Wednesday Night on AEW Dynamite saw MJF cut an impassioned promo that has the wrestling world talking. He spoke about being the only man to beat CM Punk and that MJF is underpaid and wants Tony Khan to “fire me”.

The promo was cut off at the end when MJF called Tony Khan a “f—ing mark” before walking out of the arena. This shocked the fans, who are not used to this language on AEW Dynamite, and had them intrigued as to what is next for MJF.

Based on the promo by MJF, it looks like a bout with CM Punk at All Out 2022 could be set to main event AEW’s huge show this August – but this time, for the AEW Championship.

MJF vs CM Punk at All Out

While they did battle already at AEW Revolution 2022, MJF looks to get revenge against CM Punk, and is rumoured to be the main event of AEW All Out 2022.

The show is in nearly three months and it will be quite a slow build, but the seeds for the match were planted during MJF’s personal promo on AEW Dynamite this week.

After MJF let out his expletives about Tony Khan, the show cut to commercial and MJF was not seen again after the fact. However in the arena the fans were treated to something extra that helped set the seen for AEW All Out 2022.

After the show went to the adverts, the AEW Champion ran out to the ring to confront MJF. MJF saw this coming and ran off through the crowd. This looks like CM Punk vs MJF could be happening soon for the AEW Championship.

This makes it look like MJF’s contract situation is all sorted with AEW. If he had not signed a new deal, I’m sure Tony Khan would not let him air his grievances on TV and let him call him a “f—ing mark” if he was due to leave AEW in the near future.

It is certainly building to a further storyline for MJF in his battle against Tony Khan and AEW management. Fan cheered as he claimed he was the “second highest minute-per-minute” draw in AEW, only behind CM Punk.

He also drew comparison to CM Punk’s famous “Pipebomb” promo, when his microphone was cut off as he laid into Tony Khan and AEW. This echoed the famous promo in 2011, where he was cut off just as he was about to reveal some truths about WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

MJF is clearly a heel, although this promo did garner huge cheers in the arena. Fans agree that he needs to be paid as much as other top talents and what see it happen so they can watch MJF in an AEW ring far beyond his contract expiry date of January 1st 2024.

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