Kenny Omega’s Vegan Secret, and Why He Turned Straight-Edge

Hamish Woodward


Kenny Omega is one of the greatest in-ring wrestlers of all time, but has kept quite a secretive private life from the fans.

Whilst fans know everything about the lives of the Bella twins through their multiple reality shows, very little is known about Kenny Omega.

What is known is that he has a huge love for video games and has incorporated his love for them seamlessly into his wrestling moves and attire.

However, a couple of questions fans have been asking are regarding his diet. Multiple people have searched without answer for the real answer behind the questions; Is Kenny Omega vegan? is Kenny Omega straight-edge?

Keep reading where I will try my best to answer these questions for you.

Is Kenny Omega a vegan?

Former AEW Champion Kenny Omega is known to follow an incredibly healthy lifestyle.

He watches what he eats and trains incredibly hard so that he can perform night in and night out for the fans inside an AEW ring. However many fans have been asking whether or not Kenny Omega is a vegan.

It is currently unknown whether or not Kenny Omega has turned to veganism. In early episodes of Being the Elite, he is seen eating meat in various restaurants like McDonalds or TGI Friday’s. Whilst it is possible he has recently turned to veganism, there is no evidence for it and cannot be assumed.

One man in AEW who is vegan is Bryan Danielson, formerly known as Daniel Bryan. He became vegan in WWE and has kept up the practice into his 40s, despite admitting that he developed intolerance to some vegan-friendly foods.

Is Kenny Omega straight-edge?

Whilst it is unknown whether or not Kenny Omega is a practising vegan, Kenny himself has revealed he is straight edge.

Straight edge is a lifestyle, usually for punk rockers, where they abstain from any kind of drugs, including alcohol or cigarettes. These drugs are harmful to your system and have caused huge numbers of deaths across the world. Boycotting them as a “straight edged” individual means that they are living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

The practise was brought to worldwide prominence by CM Punk in WWE. He preached the virtues of the straight edge lifestyle on Smackdown in 2009, as the leader of the cult, “The Straight Edge Society”. As part of the gimmick, he would invite fans into the ring and shave their heads as a sign of solidarity.

Kenny Omega confirmed that he follows the straight edge lifestyle when asked the question on Twitter in 2016.

Omega confirmed that he does not drink, smoke tobacco or do any drugs, as a response to the question “are you Straight-Edge”. This was shown explicitly at AEW Double or Nothing 2020, where he and Hangman drank together at the bar during the Stadium Stampede match.

While Adam Page poured himself an alcoholic drink, Kenny toasted with him and drank a glass of milk instead rather than putting alcohol into his system.

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