Jeff Hardy injury stopped Hardy Boys winning AEW Tag Team Championship, reports reveal

Hamish Woodward


Jeff Hardy was recently arrested by police at gun point, leaving his wrestling career with AEW in doubt. He was arrested for drunk driving in the latest of a series of offences which leaves his wrestling career and his overall health in question.

AEW had big plans for Jeff Hardy and the Hardy Boys prior to this, with the pair reportedly set to win the AEW Tag Team Championships. It would have been the latest in a long line of titles the pair held together, with Jeff and Matt Hardy becoming tag team champions in WWE, ROH and TNA already in their illustrious careers.

However, reports have come out than an injury to Jeff Hardy from prior to Double or Nothing 2022, and nothing to do with his DUI weeks later, were the reason Tony Khan changed the plans to put the titles on the Hardy’s.

Bryan Alvarez of the Wresting Observer is reported to have said that Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy were going to be AEW Tag Team Champions by defeating Jurassic Express and The Young Bucks on AEW Dynamite. However, due to how bad Jeff Hardy looked at Double or Nothing the plan changed and The Hardy Boys were actually never going to be in that match, instead jumped from behind at the start of the match

Matt and Jeff where Going to win the tag titles until Jeff looked too bad on the ppv and Jeff was telling the truth to the cop he was on the way to a brain scan. The Ladder match was always planned to get changed Matt and Jeff we’re going to get jumped before the match started.

Jeff Hardy’s injuries were apparent at the match against the Young Bucks at Double or Nothing. He didn’t move well and seemed out of place on numerous occasions. He had to be carried through most of his spots and looked like a concussion early on also didn’t help his performance.

His later DUI made the decision to put the AEW Tag Team Championships on the Young Bucks (becoming the first two-time AEW Tag Team Champions) even better, avoiding more anguish by having to book around one member of the champions not able to wrestle.

It is unknown whether Jeff Hardy will return to wrestling after his latest issues with alcohol.

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