AEW’s Kris Statlander Invented Alien Gimmick Because She Loves Space

Hamish Woodward


Kris Statlander has revealed the origins of her alien gimmick – revealing she came up with the idea because of how much she loves outer space.

The Intergalactic Superstar made waves in AEW as part of the Best Friends, alongside  TrentChuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy (although they have also been associated with Danhausen and Wheeler Yuta over the past year). As the sole female of the group, she represented the group in the women’s division and came close to being the first member of the group to hold title gold in the company.

She has suffered a number of injuries during her time in AEW, with two ACL injuries limiting her to a smaller number of matches. She would likely have been a champion of she had not been injured, especially given how she was being groomed to defeat Jade Cargill for the TBS championship after All Out 2022.

Kris Statlander has had some incredible matches and moments in AEW and a lot of them can be attributed to her thoroughly entertaining gimmick. Statlander portrays an alien, an extra-terrestrial being not from earth who wrestles for AEW. It is a conceptual character that would not always land, but her excellent character work and eccentricities, such as her playfully “booping” fans and wrestlers alike to showcase her lack of earth social-skills.

The origins of her alien gimmick have always been a mystery. Lucky, Kris Statlander has taken to the world of podcasting to reveal why she portrays an alien in AEW. She revealed on the Wrestling Inc Daily podcast that she chose the alien gimmick for one simply reason – she loves space! She also explained why she love space and it’s eccentricities and how she sometimes identifies with the concept of outer-space herself.

Statlander appeared on The Wrestling Inc Daily Podcast and said:

“It just is forever and no one knows where it came from. No one knows where it starts or ends,” Statlander said in the interview. “There’s so much mystery behind it, and it just fascinates me. And I’ve always loved just general science as well growing up. I got this space tattoo. So I’m committed. If you really want to make your brain hurt, just think about space and try and figure it out. I feel like sometimes, that’s how I am. If you try to figure out what I’m all about… because I don’t even know sometimes. It’s just so random and odd.” She said that helped her create the alien persona.

Kris Statlander is currently injured after suffering a second ACL tear, and has revealed to fans that she wont be back in the ring any time soon. She revealed in a recent Tweet that she is still not cleared to compete before jokingly suggesting the headline for news sites reporting the news. Statlander Tweeted, “No I am not cleared yet. “AEW Wrestler Provides Injury Update” is the headline I’m expecting to see.”

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