Kris Statlander Is STILL Not Cleared To Wrestle After Injury

AEW star Kris Statlander has let down her fans by revealing that she is still not recovered from her injury and is not cleared to wrestle for the company for the time being.

As one part of the Best Friends stable, she became one of the most popular women on the AEW roster with her thoroughly enjoyable Alien gimmick. She unsuccessfully challenged for the AEW Women’s Championship numerous times but ultimately failed to win the title, although it did always seem in her future to win title gold in AEW.

However, injuries curtailed her progress in the company. Twice she suffered with a torn ACL right in the middle of a big push. She looked like she was being built as the one wrestler who could end Jade Cargill’s reign as the TBS Champion earlier this year, but a completely torn ACL and lateral meniscus in her right leg during a match on AEW Dark put her out of action for the foreseeable future.

Initial reports suggested that the injury, sustained in August 2022, would keep Statlander out of action for six to eight months. This would put her return at around the time of AEW Revolution 2023 and could be a huge pop if she made a surprise return, possibly in a women’s Casino Battle Royal.

Some fans may have hoped that Kris Statlander’s injury was not as bad as AEW made out – some companies artificially inflate the length of injuries to make their return even more surprising – but the extra-terrestrial superstar took to social media to let her fans know she was not set to return to the ring just yet.

Statlander revealed in a recent Tweet that she is still not cleared to compete before jokingly suggesting the headline for news sites reporting the news. Statlander Tweeted, “No I am not cleared yet. “AEW Wrestler Provides Injury Update” is the headline I’m expecting to see.”

Some websites humorously ran with the aforementioned title proffered by Statlander. It is good to see she can make a joke about her injury and we hope she can return to the ring as soon as she is fit, hopefully to start her first run as the AEW Women’s Champion.

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