Miro vs Samoa Joe teased by AEW – “Put that meat to work”

Hamish Woodward

miro vs samoa joe

One dream match that could happen soon in AEW is a blockbuster clash between two of the top heavyweights in the division – Miro vs Samoa Joe.

The pair have so far been kept apart in AEW, with Joe joining the promotion earlier this year and Miro having only just returned after nearly half a year out injured.

In an interview with talkSPORT, Miro revealed that a dream match of his in AEW is to battle against former NXT Champion Samoa Joe. The pair are two of the best heavyweight wrestlers in AEW and share a common past as they both jumped ship form WWE to AEW in the last few years.

The pair previously locked horns in WWE, but just once. While competing under the name Rusev, Miro took on Samoa Joe on an episode of Smackdown in June 2018. While Miro picked up the win vs Samoa Joe, it was tainted by interference from Aiden English and had The Miz as the special guest referee.

That match came as part of the build up for Money in the Bank 2018 and was not given the time or attention that a potential match between the two men deserve.

Miro vs Samoa Joe

Speaking with¬†talkSPORT, Bulgarian wrestler Miro spoke about Samoa Joe and how he wanted to face him in an AEW ring. He wanted to “put that meat to work” but revealed that he respected the former ROH Champion as an in-ring competitor.

“I respect [Samoa] Joe, a lot. He’s such a legit ass-kicker that I would love to face him and have that classic, put that meat to work.

Miro on a match vs Samoa Joe in AEW

Miro recently competed on the Forbidden Door pay per view, losing to PAC in a four way match to determine the first ever All-Atlantic Champion. Meanwhile, Samoa Joe was not on the card.

However he is currently the holder of the ROH Television Championship after he defeated Minoru Suzuki for the Championship in the main event of AEW Dynamite in April 2022.

Miro vs Samoa Joe is not yet booked for AEW, but based on the dream matches that have already been put together you can expect to see the two men lock horns in an AEW ring sooner rather than later.

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