MJF Wants Alexander Hammerstone In AEW – “He Would Be A Huge Get”

Alexander Hammerstone is currently under contract as the top star in Major League Wrestling, but that hasn’t stopped AEW star MJF speculating on his future and willing him to join him in AEW.

MJF joined AEW in 2019, while Alexander Hammerstone stayed in MLW and became a main eventer in the promotion. Before he left for AEW, MJF and Hammerstone were part of a team together, known as The Dynasty, but split up once they were on different shows.

In the meantime, Hammerstone became the MLW Heavyweight Championship and put on some incredible matches, most notably against former Champion Jacob Fatu. He is currently under an iron clad contract with MLW and wont be going anywhere, but MJF thinks that he would be a huge get for Tony Khan’s promotion once his contract expires.

Speaking with Sam Roberts on Not Sam Wrestling, MJF noted that Alexander Hammerstone would be a “huge get” for All Elite Wrestling once his deal is up and named him one of the most underrated wrestlers in the world, due to the smaller stage he performs on.

“Alexander Hammerstone is a guy, he’s in MLW, MLW is a promotion that I feel is supremely underrated. If Alex Hammerstone was on a big platform like All Elite Wrestling, he would be a huge get. I’m fairly certain he’s a staple guy there, he isn’t going anywhere. To my understanding, he’s making good money, not MJF money. Who is making MJF money? Pretty much no one. I think he’s an incredible talent, has been for a long time. Great body too. What a body.”

MJF on former tag team partner and MLW star Alexander Hammerstone

MJF has a penchant for joining up with stables in AEW, being the leader of The Pinnacle and having an association with The Firm. Hammerstone would be a big pickup by AEW once his contract expires in 2024 (reportedly) If he does sign for Tony Khan, being paired up as part of a stable with MJF would be ideal for him, although he has the look and the talent to go out on his own as a main event singles talent if it came down to it.

He would be another in a long list of signings AEW has done recently, leaving some people to lament the sheer amount of AEW roster changes recently. However, with the company potentially losing CM Punk and The Elite (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) after their All Out 2022 scuffle, he could fit right into a main event slot as soon as he debuts in the company in 2024 and become a top star in wrestling.

He has all the talent to do so, it just remains to be seen whether or not Tony Khan sees him as the superstar that he can be.

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