Riho’s Whereabouts Revealed After Missing AEW For Months

Hamish Woodward

Where is Riho?

Former AEW Women’s Champion Riho has not wrestled in AEW since May and has been missing from the product completely. Fans have continually wondered “where is Riho?” and when she will return to the company which she helped build into the number two promotion in the United States.

The Japanese starlet is only 25 years old but is considered one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world. Wrestling since she was 9 years old, she had 16 years of experience in the ring despite her young age and shows it in the ring, being one of the best performers in AEW out of the men and the women.

She became the first women’s champion in AEW when she defeated Nyla Rose on AEW Dynamite in October 2019. She held the title for some months before losing it to Rose, before disappearing from the company for a long period of time due to the COVID pandemic.

Whilst she was stuck in Japan, she now lives and wrestles in the United States. However, despite living in American, where is Riho and why is she not on AEW TV anymore?

Where Is Riho?

Riho is currently in the United States whilst she awaits for her visa issues to be sorted. While she is one of the top women’s wrestlers in AEW she has not wrestled for the company for some months. The fact she has not been used at all, even on AEW Dark or Dark: Elevation, shows that there are issues getting her to work rather than an unwillingness to book one of their most exciting stars.

Her visa issues were reported by Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline as part of the “Bryan & Vinnie Show”. When discussing AEW and the absence of Riho from AEW Dynamite and Rampage in recent weeks, Alvarez said “I believe that Riho is dealing with visa issues, so that’s why we haven’t seen Riho”, before adding “
“…There’s no conspiracy…she’s just dealing with a visa issue.”.

Riho is one of the most popular wrestlers in the AEW women’s division. She is regularly one of the highest drawing wrestlers in the ratings, out of men or women, in the entire company. Her matches are also some of the highest rated in the company and she was one of the best AEW Women’s Champions the company has ever had.

When is Riho Returning to AEW?

There is currently no date set for Riho’s return to AEW. The former AEW Women’s Champion has long been missed from the promotion, having not wrestled since an appearance on AEW Dark on 27th May, 2022.

In that match, she teamed with Skye Blue and Yuka Sakazake in a victory over the trio of Diamante, Emi Sakura and Nyla Rose. They picked up the win in 6 minutes in a match that impressed the fans and made Riho look like a true star in AEW.

Riho also took part in the Owen Hart Cup Tournament on the run up to Double or Nothing 2022. She made it all the way to the semi-finals, where she was defeated by Ruby Soho on AEW Rampage in a fantastic match that latest just under 10 minutes.

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