Ryback Shoots On MJF, Says AEW Champion Is On Steroids

Hamish Woodward

Former WWE Star Ryback claims MJF Is On Steroids

Former WWE Star Ryback has never been shy when taking pot shots at other wrestlers. He called former employer Vince McMahon’s mother a “whore” and claimed he would only go back to work for the WWE once he was dead. He also clapped back at CM Punk after the allegations of Ryback being unsafe were brought up, but that one seemed more justified,

His comments have not only been limited to former colleagues though. The Big Guy recently took to Twitter to accuse AEW World Champion MJF (Maxwell Jacob Freidman) of being on the gas and not even being big enough to be a Cruiserweight Champion in the WWE.

Tagging both MJF and WWE Head of Creative Triple H, Ryback said “@The_MJF would be a hard sell as cruiserweight champ let alone a Heavyweight champ. @TripleH remember this guy will be 30 lbs lighter if he wrestled for you guys”

The implication by saying MJF would be “30 lbs lighter” in the WWE is a reference to WWE Wellness Policy. WWE Superstars are forbid from taking drugs like steroids, since the infamous steroid trial nearly ended the company and sent Vince McMahon to jail. While part time stars aren’t tested (and some full-time wrestlers are clearly getting around the policy one way or another), the punishment for taking steroids in the WWE is a fine and a suspension, with eventual firing for repeated offences.

While MJF may very well be on steroids, it is rather ironic of The Big Guy to accuse the AEW Champion. Ryback infamously admitted to using steroids in his self-help book “Wake Up! It’s Feeding Time!”, although he claims it was early on in his career and before he had signed for the WWE. He also spoke on his podcast about being introduced to steroids by people in his gym.

β€œHe was actually the one to kind of put it in my head, ‘maybe I should do steroids because I have good genetics. But in my early 20s, I thought that I had to do that to be successful if that makes sense,”

Ryback on Olympian Jay Cutler putting him onto steroids

Ryback was released by 2016 and seems to have retired from wrestling. He now posts food reviews on Youtube, podcasts and sells his own suppliments online. His last match in WWE was a big loss to Kalisto and it’s likely he’ll never return to the company.

Given his comments, it’s doubt we’ll see The Big Guy signing for AEW any time in the near future either.

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