What does CM Punk Stand for? AEW Star reveals all in court

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what does CM Punk stand for

CM Punk has spent nearly 20 years of his career trolling people who ask what CM Punk stand for. Whenever asked the question “what does CM Punk stand for”, the former WWE Champion has given various false answers, including Charles Montgomery, Cookie Monster and Charles Manson.

“I tell people it stands for C. Montgomery Burns, as in Mr. Burns from The Simpsons,” CM Punk said, in a 2006 interview with IGN.

“I tell people they are initials for my real name, Chuck Mosley, which is not true at all. I’ll say it stands for Crooked Moonsault, Charles Manson. Cookie Monster is another good one.”

As far back as 2006, CM Punk has admitted to lying about the origin of his name. This was around the time he signed with WWE, who would usually force their newly signed talent to find themselves a new name, so WWE could copyright it.

However, WWE had no interest on making CM Punk as a star, and had only signed him due to the buzz he had on the independent scene.

This was clear when WWE told CM Punk to do “one of those flippy-dippy things like Jeff Hardy” as his finishing manoeuver, when it was clear watching Punk that it was not part of his move set.

Therefore, he was allowed to keep his name. He eventually beat the odds and rose to the top of WWE and became the longest reigning WWE Champion in the modern era.

He left the company in 2014, revealing his reasons for doing so in the CM Punk Colt Cabana podcast in late 2014.

Despite his incredible success, fans still wondered – what does CM Punk stand for?

What does CM Punk stand for?

cm punk colt cabana podcast

CM Punk revealed in a courtroom that his name stands for Chick Magnet Punk.

Punk revealed this fact in a courtroom in 2018 when WWE and Dr Amann were suing he and Colt Cabana in a $1 million lawsuit. The comments they were suing over came from the CM Punk Colt Cabana podcast, where Punk accused Dr Amann of being negligent in his duties as WWE’s resident doctor.

CM Punk was asked “what does CM Punk stand for” and replied with his answer.

“Originally it stood for Chick Magnet,” Punk said, explaining what ‘CM Punk’ really stood for.

“I got put into a tag team with this other dude on a whim because somebody didn’t show up to a show. It was only supposed to be a one-shot deal, I wasn’t even ready to wrestle yet, I didn’t have gear or anything, they just put me in the ring and beat the crap out of me.”

“I had to come back the next month and the next month and it was something that stuck. I tried to get rid of it, and it wound up getting shortened to the initials. I was always Punk, but Chick Magnet at least got shortened to CM.”

Whilst the CM was meant as Chick Magnet, as he was put into a tag team with CM Venom in the Lunatic Wrestling Federation, or LWF. Chick Magnet Punk and Chick Magnet Punk became The Chick Magnets, after CM Venom’s original partner failed to appear at the show and Punk was thrown in it at the last minute.

The name Punk came from CM Punk’s love of Punk rock music and the punk rock scene. He credits punk rock as the origin of his straight edge lifestyle, being inspire by rockers in the scene for inspiring him to avoid a life of drink and drinks and instead a lifestyle of clean leaving.

Chick Magnet Punk

CM Punk stands for Chick Magnet Punk, due to his short-lived tag team with CM Venom, at short notice, and his love for Punk rock music. The latter is clear with his entrance themes, using AFI and Living Colour as his most famous themes in ROH, WWE and TNA.

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