What Happened To Joey Ryan? Former Stars FIRED From New Job

Former star of PWG and other indie promotions Joey Ryan has not been seen in wrestling in years. He was released by Impact wrestler and blackballed from the wrestling industry in 2020, due to allegations from the “Speaking Out” movement which proved fatal for his career.

However, recent news has come out about Joey Ryan about a new career he has forged himself. He has left the wrestling industry but found himself a new job, while still holding out hope for a return to wrestling despite the litany of sexual crimes he was accused of.

What happened to Joey Ryan?

Joey Ryan new job

Joey Ryan has not been seen in a wrestling ring for quite some time, and many wrestling fans were not aware of what he was doing with his life since being black balled from the industry.

However, a recent photo has brought to light the new career in which the former PWG World Champion has found himself in. While he may not be able to get booked as a wrestler anymore, he has still found work in the entertainment industry in recent years.

Twitter user @Mr_GQ_Cantu snapped a photo of a man presumed to be Joey Ryan at Disneyland Florida. The Tweet said that Ryan was working as a handler on the Jungle Cruise ride, a far cry from having a huge return at All In to attack AEW star “Hangman Adam Page”

“Just incase anyone wanted a Joey Ryan update, he’s working as a handler at the Jungle Cruise attraction in Disney Land. Not joking lol” The Twitter said, apparently mocking Ryan and his new career.


Joey Ryan remains out of wrestling and has long been thought of as not a good fir for AEW. Tony Khan is reportedly not a fan of the wrestler, whose “penis druids” were the most embarrassing part of the show at the famous “All In” event in August 2018.

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