MJF’s Whereabouts After Missing AEW Dynamite Revealed

Where is MJF? The AEW star has not been seen in many months and could be moving to WWE when his contract is up!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, or MJF, has been absent from AEW since his hate-filled promo directed towards AEW president Tony Khan on the first Dynamite after Double or Nothing. The foul-mouthed superstar had just lost in a heated match to Wardlow and let out all his anger toward his boss in the ring, yelling at him to “F****** Fire Me!”

The promo sent shockwaves across the wrestling world, with many not sure whether it was real or not. This has been exacerbated by the fact that MJF has not been seen since. Fans have been asking constantly “Where is MJF?”, with the Dynamite Diamond Ring holder not being seen by anyone in months.

The wrestler from Long Island has always been a huge personality in the company, so his absence is a huge deal. He has not been seen or heard of by anyone for months. He does not post on social media not interact with fans in his day to day life.

MJF is a ghost.

mjf promo dynamite
MJF cut a scathing promo on Tony Khan before leaving AEW

With rumours of his return to AEW coming next match in All Out’s Casino Ladder Match, fans are starting to believe that MJF might actually return to the company. It has long been thought that he could follow his best friend Cody Rhodes (According to MJF) to the WWE, where Triple H would be much more likely to push a man of his size than Vince McMahon would.

MJF was trained by Bryan Myers (Curt Hawkins in WWE) at the Create-A-Pro Wrestling Academy, so may have dreams of wrestling for the WWE due to the tales told his trainer. He was also a noted CM Punk fan as a child, making it known one of his happiest memories in life was meeting CM Punk at a signing during a tough time he had in school.

He spoke about this in his incredible promo in AEW;

Where is MJF?

MJF has been missing from AEW for some months, and Fightful Select have reported on the last time he was backstage with Tony Khan. They wrote that they haven’t heard from any AEW talents or staffers who have heard from Friedman since the post-Double Or Nothing edition of Dynamite. They also noted that those close to AEW hadn’t heard from MJF, who is famously quiet behind the scenes.

Most importantly, they noted that MJF and Tony Khan had not seen each other since June 1st 2022. He appeared at the arena for “on-screen, non-wrestling related meetings.”, presumably being talks about his return to the ring. It could also have been contract talks or even negotiations about ending his deal so he could sign for WWE.

Some in AEW even think that MJF “on his way out of the company and wants to go to WWE.”, with the star reportedly being unhappy backstage for months of his AEW contract. He has two more years left on his deal but is severely underpaid for his position, if reports are to believe.

MJF could sign for WWE in 2024 once his AEW contract expires. Other AEW wrestlers who have signed for the promotion include Cody Rhodes and Ben Carter. He has not wrestled since his loss to Wardlow at Double or Nothing 2022 and could have wrestled his final bout in the promotion.

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