Clayton “The Hunter” Bloodstone – Independent Wrestling Star Reveals New Name

Hamish Woodward

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Thorne the Hunter may not be a world famous wrestler, but he is making waves on social media and in the independent wrestling scene. He has become well known as an up-and-comer wrestler posting his progress making his name in the business on reddit forum “Squared Circle“. However, Thorne the Hunter recently revealed a change in his person – a new name: Clayton “The Hunter” Bloodstone.

He previously wrestled under the name Thorne the Hunter, but decided on a name change to try and push his career to the next level.

The name was inspired by various literary character, Clayton revealed in his announcement on reddit.

He revealed that the name Clayton was chosen for Clayton, the villainous hunter from the Tarzan series. In addition to Clayton inspiring his “Hunter” persona, he also noted that Marvel Character Kraven the Hunter was also his inspiration.

Clayton also shared a photo, showing off his new tights to rare in ring. He is wearing a cheetah print pair of long tights, with large claw scratches down the site. He confirmed in a comment that the tights were indeed inspired by Chris Benoit, the former WWE wrestler who infamous killed his family and himself in 2007.

Clayton Bloodstone

Clayton “The Hunter” Bloodstone is fast becoming a name to take notice on the independent scene. At age only 25, he has already become well known around his hometown of Oklahoma, wrestling in promotions in the area on a number of occasions.

The biggest match of his career so far came in WCR, in Wichita, Kansas. He teamed with Gideon Vane in a tag team match, taking on AEW stars Fuego Del Sol and Matt Hardy.

With a name as big of Matt Hardy across the ring from you, it must mean that somebody sees something in you. The wrestling world, especially on reddit, will be on high alert to see just where Clayton Bloodstone, The Hunter, will go next.

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