Why CM Punk should be the next AEW Champion

Hamish Woodward

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CM Punk’s match against Eddie Kingston at Full Gear stood out on a show full of brilliant matches. It was a perfect example of a heated brawl in wrestling, and both men showcased their character as well as their in ring abilities. It has gone a long way to make me think that CM Punk should be the main to beat Hangman Adam Page, and become the next AEW Champion.

With his long awaited return after seven years away, it seems unthinkable that CM Punk would be booed for a long time in AEW.

However, nobody expected him to come against someone as real as Eddie Kingston. Kingston brought a legitimacy to their feud like no other, and you believe in more than just silly wrestling storylines – these two wanted to beat each other up for real.

CM Punk came out the victor, but fans were not sure who they wanted to win. They cheered and booed both men, with Punk visibly surprised at Eddie Kingston being cheered over himself.

However, this was the match where I was certain that CM Punk was back. Not just CM Punk, the CM Punk. The one we remember from the Pipe Bomb, the Summer of Punk and the clashes with the Rock.

He showed glimpses in his promo showdown with Kingston that he is still supreme on the mic. He is one of the best in the world (no pun intended) at trash talking his opponent and making the fans believe in him.

CM Punk turning heel?

But, he has shown signs of arrogance. The whole feud with Eddie started because he could not believe someone like Eddie Kingston would dare interrupt him.

He has shown in promo’s that he thinks he is better than everyone. Whether true or not, it’s an air of arrogance the fans have accepted, due to his history as one of the top wrestlers in WWE for a number of years.

An air of arrogance they tolerate for now.

I’m sure CM Punk will soon turn tom the dark side, embrace his inner bad guy and finally become what nobody expected him to.

And that will surely lead him to one man – Hangman Adam Page. That is the man who he will defeat to become the AEW World Champion.

CM Punk vs Adam Page

Fans have already shown that they will boo CM Punk. Eddie Kingston is just too real, and too sympathetic a babyface that you cannot help get behind him. CM Punk pinning him clean will sour him in the eyes of many fans.

Imagine if he does that to everyone’s favourite Cowboy, but he does it by cheating.

CM Punk cheating to beat the Hangman will be the singles biggest heel move in AEW history. After two years of chasing to the title, to lose it a man who’s arrogance is only topped by his need to win would be gut-wrenching.

It would propel Punk to new heights. He was also better on the mic as a heel, and putting him in matches against wrestlers like Orange Cassidy, PAC, Rey Fenix and Bryan Danielson would produce incredible displays.

We’ve seen from his matches since returning as well that Punk is back to his best. His match against Eddie Kingston showed that, as well as his outings against Powerhouse Hobbs and Matt Sydal.

The best of the lots sans Eddie Kingston, for me, was his bout against Daniel Garcia on AEW Rampage. It was a hard hitting bout with great technical wrestling between the two. For me, it signalled a return to the real CM Punk, shrugging off the ring rust.

It also helped established Garcia as a future star of the company. He has been entrusted to fight main eventers in AEW on multiple occasions.

He has locked horns with CM Punk, Jon Moxley and Darby Allin in his early days in AEW, and despite not featuring on AEW Dynamite nor Rampage since his match with Punk, is surely going to be a huge part of AEW’s future going forward.


CM Punk is back. In the ring, he’s hitting the same strides as before he left WWE in 2014. On the mic, he’s warming up fast, and can beat anyone on the stick who’s not named Eddie Kingston.

He’s showing heelish signs, hinting at a heel turn where he finally demands the respect that he deserves for being a legend in the ring.

He will beat Adam Page, furthering the Hangman’s story and seeing how he deals with the loss. It’s sets up a title reign for Punk, where he can face the best there is in AEW and produce some brilliant matches. Hopefully with no interference, Kenny Omega and the Elite have done that to death.

He should be AEW Champion, and I’m sure he will.

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