CM Punk defeats Eddie Kingston at AEW Full Gear 2021

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CM Punk defeated Eddie Kingston in a bloodbath at AEW Full Gear. The match was a grudge match between the two that had been brewing for 16 years, since the two cross paths in Ring of Honor.

The match started over Kingston interrupting CM Punk after a loss to Bryan Danielson, with stirred up old rivalries between the two. What followed was one of the best promo battles in AEW history, with Punk and Kingston meeting in the ring at AEW Dynamite to trade barbs.

The match at Full Gear was a brawl, with tensions mounting between the pair. Eddie Kingston could not wait for the match to start, hitting a spinning chop on Punk before the bell had rung.

The match descended into violence, with both men trying to injure the other as the hatred between the two was clear.

The match also featured call backs to the men’s career. In their confrontation on Dynamite, fans compared it to the CM Punk vs John Cena promo’s in WWE, with Eddie Kingston playing the CM Punk role.

You Can’t See Me

This was amplified when CM Punk hit the classic John Cena comeback, with the shoulder tackles, dodging a haymaker and hitting a back suplex on Kingston. He then signalled for Cena’s “Five Knuckle Shuffle” before sticking his middle finger in Kingston’s face.

Kingston bit the head of Punk, causing a cascade of blood reminiscent of Eddie Guerrero against JBL in 2004. Punk even referenced Eddie, who passed away 16 years this week, with a three Amigo’s suplex and classic Eddie “Latino Heat” taunt, followed by a loud “Eddie” chant from the crowd.

Punk would win the match with a pair of Go To Sleeps, but both men came out of the match looking like fighters. The only pin fall attempt in the match was the one that got CM Punk the win. That showed just how much of a fight rather than a wrestling match it really was.

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