The Jeff Hardy TNA belt is the worst wrestling belt ever

Hamish Woodward

jeff hardy tna championship

What do you think is the worst wrestling belt of all time? Is Jeff Hardy’s TNA belt the worst title in existence?

Yes, of course it is. But he’s not the only one in his family to try and fail to make a good title. Keep reading to find out just how bad the Hardy family is when it comes to title belts with their faces on them.

Jeff Hardy TNA Belt

WWE Legend and AEW star Jeff Hardy is the creator of perhaps the ugliest wrestling belt in the history of the business.

Despite winning the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship, it was in TNA that the garish title belt was created. Jeff Hardy’s TNA Immortal Championship belt was given to him by a WWE legend after becoming the world champion, and lasted well beyond it’s welcome.

Jeff Hardy won the TNA Championship in late 2010, defeating Kurt Angle and Mr Anderson in a three way match at Bound for Glory, thanks to help from WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan.

With this, Hardy turned heel and joined Hogan’s stable known as Immortal. As heels, they helped Hardy keep the belt by cheating, but were not happy with him just holding the regular TNA Championship.

In a November 2010 episode of TNA Impact, Hulk Hogan awarded Jeff Hardy with a new TNA belt. Dubbed the TNA Immortal Championship, it was a stylised, purple version of Jeff Hardy’s face, with a clear reference to the face paint he wore inside the ring.

The championship was HORRIBLE. It didn’t look like any championship anyone had seen before, and for good reason. It didn’t indicate that he was a wrestling champion – it screamed “vanity project” and “wow Jeff Hardy has taken way more drugs than usual).

Even worse, not just Jeff Hardy held the belt. He lost the title to Mr Anderson, who kept the design for the entirety of his reign. Sting also held the awful Jeff Hardy TNA belt, a slap in the face to a man who held such beautiful belts like the WCW Championship.

Thankfully TNA changed the belt back from the awful Jeff Hardy TNA belt, and hopefully we will never have to see the terrible belt again.

However, he is not the only Hardy brother to hate the fans so much to create the world’s ugliest belt…

Matt Hardy ROH Belt

Coming in just below Jeff Hardy’s TNA belt as one of the worst championships in wrestling history if his brother Matt Hardy and his frankly horrific Ring of Honor Championship.

The belt (pictured below) featured a camouflage strap, with Matt Hardy’s face in place of the ROH logo. His hands were also behind the face on the belt, doing his signature hand sign. These were all stickers on the belt, as was the name plate below which read “Matt Hardy” in big letters.

However, Matt Hardy didn’t actually win the championship. His Kingdom teammate Adam Cole was the ROH Champion and Hardy helped him to defend his title numerous times, most notably at Supercard of Honor VIII.

Upon assisting Cole in retaining his championship, Matt Hardy was gifted one of his own. Jay Briscoe was the ROH Champion prior to Adam Cole, but due to injury was forced to drop the title. Wile he was champion he created his own custom belt, with a skull and confederate flags on the plate and a camouflage strap, a nod to his country roots.

Matt Hardy was gifted this title by Mike Bennett after his work in keeping the ROH Championship on Adam Cole. It was Bennett who customised the title to be the Matt Hardy ROH title, so he is to blame for one of the worst titles of all time.

Matt Hardy would rename his ROH Championship to the ROH Iconic Championship. The belt was eventually held by Mike Bennett, who along with his wife Mario added his own features to it, include pink feathers, before Jay Briscoe winning the championship back in the end of the feud.

Thankfully, Matt Hardy has yet to create another title belt. Based on his ROH Iconic Championship, he should never be in charge of creating a belt again, and rivals Jeff Hardy for one of the worst wrestling belts of all time.

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