Alexa Bliss reveals Entrance Music lyrics were written by herself

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alexa bliss entrance music

What do you think of Alexa Bliss’ entrance theme?

Since her NXT debut in 2013 there have been few women who have commanded the attention of the fans as Alexa Bliss. From her early days and the happy-go-lucky cheerleader, to the evil Alexa Bliss with the dubstep entrance music, to the Goddess and all the way to the fiendish undead Alexa Bliss, few women have been more creative.

As a multi-time women’s champion and fan favourite (as both a face and a villain), Bliss has commanded the respect of the fans and the wrestlers. She has overcome troubles in her life such as an eating disorder to prove that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.

Alexa Bliss has proved that time and time again, and none more so than with her entrance music. The former WWE Women’s Champion revealed that she had a hand in brand new entrance music in a way that fans would never have expected.

Alexa Bliss Entrance Theme

In a recent Instagram post, Alexa Bliss revealed that she had a hand in her most recent entrance theme despite negative comments from fans.

Responding to a fan who was “begging” for Alexa Bliss to “change her theme song”, Alexa Bliss replied by revealing that she “actually helped” with her entrance music, and actually wrote the lyrics with the help of her acting coach.

first time I actually helped with my entrance music – we wrote the lyrics with my acting coach & wwe – gonna stay for a little bit

Alexa Bliss on her entrance theme

Bliss also reploed to another user who asked about her new entrance song, which Alexa Bliss stated was “pretty awesome”.

You can hear Alexa Bliss’ entrance theme music if you tune in to Monday Night Raw to watch The Goddess in her pursuit to once again become the WWE Women’s Champion.

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