Mick Foley Podcast announced as “Foley is Pod” debuting soon

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mick foley podcast

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is finally bringing out his own podcast!

The former WWE Champion has appeared on a number of wrestling podcasts in past with hosts such as Chris Jericho and Steve Austin, but now the Hardcore Legend finally gets a pod of his own.

Mick Foley announced his new podcast on Twitter with a teaser video showcasing some of his most crazy moments in wrestling. He captioned the tweet with “June 3rd. Foley is Pod”, revealing the name of his new podcast as Foley is Pod.

Mick Foley Podcast

mick foley podcast

Mick Foley’s podcast set to debut on June 3rd 2022 has been named Foley is Pod. It was feature WWE Legend Mick Foley discussing his career at length, from his debut in 1983 to his last match in 2012.

Foley has appeared under many names in his career and it is unknown if he will break out some of his more iconic characters on the podcast. Fans will hope to see appearances from the likes of Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love on Mick Foley’s new podcast. They may even catch a glimpse of Santa Clause, who Foley is known to be a huge fan of.

Mick Foley will talk about his Hall of Fame career which spanned nearly 40 years, although it is unknown at the moment who his guest host will be.

He joins a long list of wrestlers, including Ric Flair, Jim Ross and Matt Hardy, to start their own wrestling podcast. However, none of those men lost an ear or fell 20 feet through a table off the Hell in a Cell, so at least Foley has that edge to his podcast.

Foley is Pod

foley is pod

The name Foley is Pod is a play on words of a famous phrase during the Attitude Era in WWE. Fans would support Mick Foley by bringing in sings that declared “Foley is God”, showcasing just how much they cared for and how good Mick Foley was.

However, Mick Foley was not a fan of the phrase. He successfully petitioned the fans to change the signs to Foley is Good, as he did not want comparisons of himself to the almighty.

Foley is Pod is a play on Foley is God and changes the word “God” for “Pod”, with Pod being a shorthand name for the word podcast, which Foley will be hosting.

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