The Bloodline is holding WWE hostage until Roman Reigns leaves

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On Monday Night Raw this past week, The Uso’s (representing The Bloodline) defeated RK-Bro to become the undisputed Tag Team Champions of WWE. They now hold both the Raw and Smackdown tag team titles and are one of the tag divisions most dominant teams.

Sound familiar? Well, it should. Fellow The Bloodline in WWE member Roman Reigns has done the exact same thing with the two world titles in WWE. He has held the Universal Championship for 0ver 600 days and added to his trophy case by defeating Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania to also win the WWE Championship.

The three men hold 4 of the 6 men’s championships on the WWE main roster currently (excluding the 24/7 Championship which is utterly pointless). The Bloodline, as the trio are known, could stake their claim as the most dominant group in WWE history, above the likes of The Shield, New Day and NWO.

But they don’t feel that way. They feel cheapened by the ridiculously strong booking that has held the WWE Championships hostage and wasted too many potential starts in wrestling to build up The Bloodline who, to their own credit, don’t even need it.

The Bloodline

The three men that comprise The Bloodline in WWE are Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. Roman Reigns was a part of The Shield before going out on his own and succeeded tremendously.

He won the WWE Championship a year and a half into his singles run amid one of the worst crowd reactions of all time. Fans booed him incessantly as he dominated the main event scene in WWE and they even booed The Rock during the 2015 Royal Rumble, simply for associating with Roman Reigns.

Fans never really got behind Roman Reigns at all in his career. Not until he formed The Bloodline with his cousins Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso. Alongside his manager Paul Heyman, he seemed to finally get the crowd on his side by turning heel and embracing all the complaints the fans had about him.

He steered into the skid and actually became WWE’s top star and actually got cheered. However, that did not last as Roman Reigns alongside The Bloodline destroyed the WWE Main Event scene in a way not seen since the like of Hulk Hogan.

His double World Championship victory at Wrestlemania was a huge match for WWE. They took great pleasure in publicising it as one of the biggest matches in WWE history despite the tepid reaction from the WWE Universe.

The likes of Finn Balor, Edge and Daniel Bryan were all destroyed by Reigns and kicked out of the Universal title picture. They never recovered, with Bryan even leaving the company after losing to The Big Dog.

Now he holds both titles, Roman Reigns has rendered both Raw and Smackdown pointless as nobody is even close to match him in the ring and nobody is even close to defeating him for one of his world titles.

While it’s a great achievement for Roman Reigns and the Bloodline in WWE, it has hamstrung the entire companies creative process and made WWE’s main events pointless, especially with Roman Reigns leaving for Hollywood.

Not only is Roman Reigns dominating and frankly ruining the WWE at the moment, but his cousins are also trying their hand to make tag team wrestling pointless in WWE.

The twins of The Bloodline, The Uso’s, are the double champions like Roman Reigns. They hold both of WWE’s tag team titles and are one of the most decorated teams in the companies history, with 8 title reigns in their history with two currently ongoing.

Since their first title win in 2014, no team bar the New Day could challenge them for their success and longevity. Being twins, Vince McMahon was never going to push just one of them and they lay resigned to the tag team division in which they have thrived and now dominated.

While they have been one of the most popular teams in WWE in the last decade, their act has become quite stale in a way that covering them in gold does not fix.

During their feud with Roman Reigns in 2020, we saw a new side of the team, with Jey Uso battling with Roman Reigns over the Universal Championship (which he holds to this day). However, the interesting angle did not last long and they soon joined their cousin in the Bloodline.

In the Bloodline, The Uso’s main job was the help Roman retain his titles. In the meantime, they won all the tag team titles, holding the division on both brands hostage and taking the belts off RK-Bro, one of the most entraining and original teams in a long time in WWE.

It looks like the four titles the trio hold will not be lost for a long time, until Reigns takes some time off for Hollywood ambition. It looks like he’ll drop his championships to Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle, while the Uso’s have no credible challengers left to face them.

The Bloodline were a fantastic group until they weren’t and ruined WWE completely.

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