Who Is Bryan Danielson’s Father-In-Law? (Max Caster’s Rap Explained)

Hamish Woodward

Bryan Danielson and John Laurinaitis

One of The Acclaimed’s most famous rap was before Anthony Bowens match with Bryan Danielson on AEW Dynamite. In the rap, Max Caster ran down the former WWE Champion with some choice lines about his career, lifestyle and, most importantly, his family who work for the WWE.

The rap harkened back to the mass releases in WWE in 2020 and 2021, allegedly due to budget cuts due to the pandemic. Max Caster did not pull any punches as he laid into Danielson about his veganism and his father in law’s role in WWE

Max Caster’s rap about Bryan Danielson and his father-in-law went as follows;

  • The Acclaimed, we only do numbers, but this guy’s too busy growing cucumbers.
  • Don’t be mad at me bro, cause you’re only know for your wife’s reality show.
  • And you should eat some eggs, you should look at Bowens’ arms they’re bigger than your legs
  • Imma put you in the poverty dog, cause I end careers quicker than your father-in-law,”

The rap was hilarious and brutal to those who understood all the references, but for those who don’t, we will answer the question – who is Bryan Danielson’s Father-in-law?

Who Is Bryan Danielson’s Father-In-Law?

John Laurinaitis is Bryan Danielson’s father-in-law. Whilst Bryan Danielson is married to former WWE Diva and currently Hall of Famer Brie Bella, he is not the father of the Bella Twins. However, he did marry their mother Kathy during a wedding ceremony in 2016.

The wedding was broadcast on the TV show Total Divas, the reality show that follows the lives of a number of WWE wrestlers, including John Cena, Daniel Bryan, The Bella Twins and many, many more.

John Laurinaitis was the former WWE Head of Talent relations. His job had many responsibilities, but his most infamous duty was firing the WWE wrestlers who were no longer needed by the company. It was his job to let the talent know that they would be released by the company, many times doing so over phone call or text. He was called out on this by CM Punk in an in-character promo, chastising him for fitting Harry Smith (British Bulldog’s son) over text.

Max Caster’s lyric (“Imma put you in the poverty dog, cause I end careers quicker than your father-in-law,”) was a clear reference to John Laurinaitis (or Johnny Ace as he’s also known) is the man who has fired multiple former WWE stars in the past, including many who have since gone on to sign for AEW, like Samoa Joe or William Regal.

The crowd certainly seemed to get the line and audibly gasped and “ooed” when they heard the line. It was one of the funniest and best lines Max Caster has come up with, even though Bryan Danielson’s father in law could be considered quite a niche topic.

Why Was John Laurinaitis Fired By WWE?

John Lauriniaitis was fired by WWE after allegations regarding himself, Vince McMahon and some female employees were revealed. He and McMahon were involved in a sexual abuse scandal involving former WWE employees, including a paralegal and former WWE wrestlers.

The Wall Street Journal first reported alleged hush money payments made by former WWE chairman Vince McMahon to employees he had been sleeping with. Over $10 million was given out to various women to get them to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) to not talk about their “relationship” with McMahon.

It later came out that Laurinaitis was also involved with these same women, along with McMahon. His involvement in the alleged abuse was why John Laurinaitis was fired by WWE in August 2022 and is unlikely to ever return to the company, now that Triple H has taken over the reigns from his own father-in-law.

Did you know who Bryan Danielson’s father-in-law is? Let us know in the comments below or click below to read about the planned Eddie Guerrero vs Shawn Michaels match at Wrestlemania!

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