Max Caster showed he was a future singles star after CM Punk AEW Match

Hamish Woodward

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Platinum Max Caster showed all of AEW this week that he is destined to be a top star in AEW in the future. He opened AEW Dynamite with a match against CM Punk, and impressed in-ring in a rare singles match.

He was joined by teammate Anthony Bowens, who has previously been involved in high-profile matches against the likes of Bryan Danielson, but an injury meant that Max Caster has taken the reigns as a singles star.

Max Caster faced CM Punk on AEW Dynamite, performing one of his best and funniest raps so far. He took shots at Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscar’s, called CM Punk the “Voice of the Moistless” and referenced Colt Cabana’s podcast with CM Punk where Punk claimed to have shit himself in the ring due to being prescribed Z-Paks by the WWE doctor.

The match following was one of the best singles matches Max Caster has had in AEW. He is usually wrestling in tag team matches with partner Anthony Bowen as part of The Acclaimed, but in recent weeks he has been given the chance in singles match. First was a singles defeat to Keith Lee prior to AEW Revolution 2022 and now against one of AEW’s top stars in CM Punk.

The match made Caster look like a star. CM Punk gave him a lot in the match which was an incredibly physical affair. Max Caster hit all his big spots, including his dropkick from the top rope to Punk, who was draped over the ring ropes, and he attempted to hit a flying elbow drop but was countered by Punk,

Despite interference from Anthony Bowens, Max Caster eventually fell to CM Punk, who locked him in the Anaconda Vice submission move and forced him to tap out to secure the victory.

All post-match talk was about CM Punk, who cut an impassioned promo challenged the winner of Adam Page vs Adam Cole for a future AEW Championship match. The win has helped CM Punk climb up the rankings and he will get a shot at Adam Page (most likely), but whether that match is at Battle of the Belts II or AEW Double or Nothing 2022 remains to be seen.

It is likely we see Adam Page vs CM Punk, unless Adam Cole defeats the AEW Champion on a future episode of AEW Dynamite. Then we would see Adam Cole vs CM Punk in a future match.

However, Max Caster came out of the match looking like a star. His raps before his matches have become one of the highlights of the AEW Dynamite’s, and his promos have been one of his strongest parts of his character in AEW. This match however did show that Max Caster could be a top in-ring talent if he continues to develop the way he has been.

He did have the luxury in that match in sharing the ring with a inspired CM Punk who has quickly become one of the best wrestlers in the ring in AEW, although it takes two to put on a great match even if you are in the ring with the best in the world.

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