Finn Balor Ends Silence on Controversial Match vs Roman Reigns

Finn Balor has revealed his thoughts on the ending of the controversial match against Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules 2021. He talks about what he thought about the match, how impactful the finish was and whether or not he will receive a rematch for the Universal Championship down the line.

The Judgement Day leader is a former World Champion, but was treated harshly at the ending to WWE Extreme Rules 2021 when he failed to regain the title from Reigns and was just one of a long list of wrestlers who failed to defeat The Big Dog.

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Finn Balor vs Roman Reigns

On the latest interview with SHAK Wrestling, Finn Balor spoke about a number of topics, including chopping fans in Japan, his history with Becky Lynch and how he came to be a part of the Judgement Day stable.

However, the most interesting part was he was asked about his match against Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules 2021. The match pitted Roman Reigns against Finn Balor’s “Demon” persona with the Universal Championship on the line. Balor previously held the Championship in 2015, being the belts first holder after defeating Seth Rollins at that years Summerslam event.

However, he held the belt for only a day before an injury suffered during the match forced him to vacate the title. The match vs Roman Reigns was Finn Balor’s next opportunity to take the title back, 6 years after previously holding the belt.

While Reigns seemed invincible and no-one thought Balor could defeat him, the Irish star had one trick up his sleeve- transforming into The Demon. He had never lost a match on the main roster under this persona and it gave him the best chance possible to finally end The Tribal Chief’s year long reign as the WWE Universal Champion.

The match was brilliant and was one of the matches of the year, until the finish. Balor was dominating the champion, and jumped atop the top rope and was ready to hit his patented Coup De Grace finishing move to put away Roman Reigns once and for all. However, the top rope then snapped out of nowhere, sending Balor crashing to ground before he was pinned by Roman Reigns for the win.

The ending to Finn Balor vs Roman Reigns was one of the most confusing and hated in WWE history. Fans were confused as to why the tope rope snapped and were annoyed that they had sat through a 20 minute match, at the end of a four hour show, just to see the big title match end in some absolute nonsensical rubbish. The reason for the ending was never discussed and Balor was not given a rematch.

In the interview with SHAK Wrestling, Balor discussed the controversial ending and revealed that the plan was to revisit this feud down the line, hinting at a future Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor match in the WWE.

“It was definitely a water cooler moment,” Finn Balor said, “In regards to what people were talking about. We’re still talking about it a year later. The finish kind of left the story open ended a little bit. I feel like we need to readdress that, revisit what happened that night.”

“Going back to how fast things change in WWE, there was a plan to continue that storyline, but obviously things change. With Brock [Lesnar’s] return, that was the focus and as a performing you have to understand that, you’re cogs in the wheel.”

“I believe that there’s definitely a lot of mileage left in the Finn Balor vs Roman Reigns storyline that needs to be addressed.”

With Balor now the leader of his own stable – Judgement Day – the rematch between the two rivals would have a much different feel. The two teams could engage in faction warfare and could even face off inside War Games, which is coming to the main roster for the first time ever as part of Survivor Series 2022.

Finn Balor is set to take on Edge in an I Quit match at Extreme Rules 2022. If he managed to make the WWE Hall of Famer say those two words in a brutal and bloody match, he could earn himself an audience with the Head of the Table and challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Unified Championship at Survivor Series 2022, or even before that on Raw or Smackdown.

You can click here or see below to listen to the full interview.

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