Why Isn’t The Big Show In The WWE Hall Of Fame?

Few men can boast a career so legendary and so Hall of Fame worthy than The Big Show.

Now known as Paul Wight in AEW, The Big Show is one of the largest wrestlers of all time and one of the greatest giants to ever grace the sport.

He stands toe-to-toe with Andre the Giant (once billed as Big Show’s father) in the list of top big men in wrestling, and in the twilight of his career is beginning to be appreciated for the talent that he was.

Big Show Andre the Giant
Big Show is up there with Andre The Giant as the all-time great giant in wrestling.

His career started as well as anyone could ever imagine. In Big Show’s first match he defeated Hulk Hogan for the WCW Championship, becoming a world champion upon his debut in wrestling.

Not just in WCW, in wrestling. He was green as anything and nowhere close to the worker he later became, but his large size and incredible aura left fans stunned and afraid of the monstrous giant.

Standing at 7 feet tall, Big Show is known as “The World’s Largest Athlete”. This moniker has helped shape his character in WWE over the last 20 years and has catapulted him to stardom.

Along with hard work and a surprisingly good promo for such a big man, he has won the WWE, World Heavyweight and ECW Championships in WWE, being the only man to hold all three.

This alone would be enough to crown him as a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, but Big Show has done so much more that he deserves to go in as a headline act.

Big Show inducted Mark Henry into the WWE Hall of Fame, but has yet to go in himself,

Big Show has had numerous entertaining feuds over the past 20 years, including against the likes of John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Triple H, Steve Austin, The Rock and many, many more.

Few men have had such an incredible career as The Big Show. Now in his twilight years, he wrestles occasionally for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as well as working on commentary on AEW Dark: Elevation. His wrestling days seem numbered, but one question still goes begging;

Is Big Show in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Is Big Show in the WWE Hall of Fame?

The Big Show is currently not in the Hall of Fame, due to him leaving the WWE to sign for AEW in 2020.

Vince McMahon was very hesitant to work with AEW as they are their closest competition, although Triple H has been much more willing to work with outside talent than the previous regime.

The Big Show is known as Paul Wight in AEW and wrestles very occasionally, although injuries have stopped him from performing as much as he’d have liked to.

He is definitely destined to be inducted once he retires from wrestling, based on his incredibly successful and varied career.

The Big Show has won championships in WWE, WCW and ECW, main evented Wrestlemania, wrestled all the top stars in the world and even competed in a Sumo Match at Wrestlemania (no, really)

Big Show should be in the Hall of Fame for this alone

Despite his size being the one thing you notice about the Big Show, his WWE Hall of Fame career has proven he is so much more.

He can do comedy, (he has starred in movies and his own TV Show “The Big Show Show”) he can be serious, he can do angry, he can do emotional.

Big Show can squash anyone like a bug under his thumb, and he can make anyone like a star by taking a single bump.

The former WWE Champion is the ultimate company man, doing whatever was asked of him and never complaining. Even is that thing was dressing like a giant baby, live on TV, and dancing around like a moron.

I still don’t believe this happened, and I’m watching it

He is one of the most unselfish wrestlers around. You will never hear stories about the Big Show refusing to do a job, even to somebody half his size like Floyd Mayweather at Wrestlemania 23.

He is the consummate professional who added something to every segment he was in, even at the end of his career when the fans failed to appreciate the WWE legend as they should.

When he does finally get in, likely after his AEW contract expires, The Big Show will go into the WWE Hall of Fame as a first ballot, main event level Hall of Famer.

He will go down in history alongside Andre as one of the greatest giants in the history of wrestling and will be remembered for decades to come

Do you think that Big Show will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame when he retired? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. He is and will always be my favorite wrestler because of the kind of person he is in and out the ring. He deserves the Hall of Fame as soon as they can.


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