Who’s next for Paul Wight after AEW’s Big Show?

Hamish Woodward

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In the least anticipated match in AEW history, Paul Wight will take on QT Marshall at AEW All Out. The man formerly known as The Big Show signed for AEW in February 2021, but has yet to have a match. He currently sits at the commentary desk on AEW Dark: Elevation, with former WCW star Tony Schiavone as his co-commentator. At the age of 49, the 7 foot tall wrestler is certainly at the tail-end of his career. Fellow famous giant wrestler Andre the Giant passed away at age 46, so Wight has already surpassed Andre in terms of career length.

Expectations for the Big Show in AEW were low from his debut. Despite facing off with Drew McInytre in the “Main Event of Wrestlemania” (He confronted Drew and challenged him to a match after the show ended for the World Championship), his last 3 matches in WWE were a disappointed. It ended with him being defeated by Randy Orton in a No-holds-barred match, which was his last match in WWE.

His bout with Drew McIntyre was one that made show decide he was done with WWE. Paul Wight said that it was the match that made him realise WWE would never see him as a main event guy anymore. He clarified that to mean someone who took part in meaningful storylines anymore. Wight went on to say that he had more to give, and that WWE gave him the platform to do that.

Big Show vs Drew McIntyre

Paul Wight’s match against QT Marshall, however, has not been the most meaningful. It was as simple as QT and his goons bullying Tony Schiavone. As his fellow commentator, Wight took umbrage to this, and responded by announcing their match at AEW All Out, and chokeslamming Aaron Solo.

It was fine.

The match is certainly going to be squash. To Wight’s credit, he’s got into great shape in recent years. He’s in the best shape he’s been in for probably going on 20 years. As noted by Marshall, he’s had multiple hip surgeries which have only increased his mobility. Wight is going to destroy Marshall.

But why? Paul Wight, at the big AEW show, is going to beat Marshall and his goons very quickly. Unless this is a way to make QT Marshall even more hated (please no) then it’s going to be quick.

But for good reason. To build up the next monster. There is one man who Paul Wight will need to face next, and it’s the next giant in AEW. He hasn’t got the size or strength of the Big Show, but very few if any men in wrestler ever have. But he has got the intensity, the charisma and presence of a man the size of Paul Wight.

That is why this should all be building to Paul Wight vs Lance Archer, at AEW Full Gear.

Lance Archer – WrestleKingdom to AEW

Lance Archer came out of nowhere in 2019, as one of the stars of the G1 Climax. He defeated former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay in a brilliant opening match, and showed himself to be a great athletic big man in his work throughout the tournament. His starring moment, however, came at Wrestlekingdom 14.

He defended his IWGP United States Championship against Jon Moxley. The former Dean Ambrose had already signed for AEW, while Lance was to become a free agent in January. This was a chance to showcase his talents and work for a major American promotion, for the first time since leaving WWE in 2010.

In a brutal encounter, Moxley defeated Archer in a Texas Death Match to win the championship. The performance was enough to earn Archer an AEW Contract, and take his talents down to Florida.

His early highlights include losing to Cody Rhodes in a match to decide the first TNT Champion. With Jake “The Snake” Roberts at his side, he made it to the finals of the inaugural TNT title tournament, and in my opinion should have left with the Championship.

His greatest moment came earlier this year, when he faced Moxley again. In a rematch of their Wrestlekingdom clash, he defeated Jon Moxley in a Texas Deathmatch, winning the IWGP United States Championship on AEW Dynamite. The match was as brutal as the first, with the finish an exact reverse of the one from the year prior.

Lance Archer vs Paul Wight

Archer has shown the potential to be part of the main event in AEW. With very few big guys who can work like him, being able to the take the scalp of a legend like Paul Wight would be a huge deal for Lance Archer.

Archer has the ability to get the crowd behind him as a face, or boo him as a monster. He could easily bring out his sadistic side, trying his best to retire Paul Wight and take over as AEW’s resident big man.

The match should have a big stage. Whilst no-one wants to see Paul Wight vs QT Marshall, watching two big meaty men slapping meat would be a change of pace for the usual fast-paced, flippy AEW matches. Two genuinely great big men beating the hell out of each other would be a spectacle, as well as the psychology of Lance Archer trying to take down the legendary Big Show.

At AEW Full Gear Lance Archer should retire the Big Show. Paul Wight is pushing 50 at this point, and has done everything there is to do in wrestling. What better way to go out than by putting over a man who can dominate over AEW for the next five years? I see no-one out their with the skillset Lance Archer produces, and it would be a great match to watch should it happen.

What do you thinking about the Big Show wrestling in AEW? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Paul Wight would be a great addition to the AEW Video Game Roster. Who else do you think would make a great addition to the roster?

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