Why Chris Benoit Isn’t In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Hamish Woodward


Chris Benoit is one of the greatest in-ring performers of all time. Based on his ring work, he more than deserves a WWE Hall of Fame induction.

He had some of the best matches of all time, and has achieved many things in wrestling, including winning the WCW Championship, World Heavyweight Championship and the 2004 Royal Rumble.

But is Chris Benoit in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Is Chris Benoit is the WWE Hall of Fame?

No, Chris Benoit is not in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Despite his amazing career, including winning the World Heavyweight Championship in WWE in 2004, Chris Benoit is likely never to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Chris Benoit wont be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame due to him murdering his wife and son (Nancy and Daniel Benoit) and then killing himself, on June 25 2007.

Due to these horrific acts, Chris Benoit’s legacy in WWE has been all but erased.

He has not been mentioned on WWE TV in nearly 15 years, with his Royal Rumble win sponged from the records. He is not advertised on the WWE network and his matches are not labelled on any WWE, ECW or WCW shows.


Chris Benoit’s last match was against Elijah Burke, which you can read about below.

However, whilst Chris Benoit is not in the WWE Hall of Fame, he has been inducted into other wrestling Hall of fames.

Chris Benoit was inducted into the Stampede Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1995.

He grew idolising Stampede Wrestling stars Bret Hart and especially Dynamite Kid, modelling his wrestling style after the later.

He trained at the Hart Dungeon, the famous training school run by Stu Hart, and wrestled for Stampede Wrestling for four years between 1985 and 1989.

Chris Benoit was also inducted into the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame in 2003.

He was inducted on the first time he was eligible and voted on by wrestlers, journalists and readers of the Wrestling Observer.

Chris Benoit was inducted into the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame due to his career prior to 2003, including his work in the United States and Japan, especially for his revolutionary matches again Eddie Guerrero and Tiger Mask in NJPW.

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3 thoughts on “Why Chris Benoit Isn’t In The WWE Hall Of Fame”

  1. His criminal history of murdering his family and committing suicide by hanging nullifies any and all chances of him being in the WWE Hall of Fame.

  2. Benoit was one of the Greatest wrestlers to ever live. The scar of the murder/ suicide conclusion was premature, despite the things that were found and said. The case was dropped quickly and hushed up without ever really having an Investigation. We will never really Ever know who killed who??? God Bless Chris, Nancy and their son.


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