Kurt Angle thinks Bobby Roode will be WWE Champion

Kurt Angle recently revealed who he thought would be a future WWE Champion – Bobby Roode.

Bobby Roode is a former World Champion in TNA, as well as winning NXT and Tag Team gold whilst signed for the WWE. However, he has yet to feature in a main event program since being called up to the main roster.

However, WWE hall of famer Kurt Angle thinks Bobby Roode will be a WWE Champion in the future. He revealed all on his official podcast, “The Kurt Angle Show”.

“He had everything it took, from his looks, to in-ring ability, to promo skills, relating to a character that he wanted to do, Bobby was one of the best. I knew that he would have a lot of promise and have a lot of success anywhere he went, WWE, TNA, AEW, it wouldn’t have mattered. Bobby Roode was going to be successful.

“I think that the company is so wrapped up in making sure they’re producing their stars, sometimes they overlook other guys, and it’s unfortunate. But eventually, Bobby will get his chance. I know he’s gotten a lot of chances that didn’t last very long, but I think that he will eventually get his chance, and he will be WWE Champion, eventually.”

When one of the best WWE wrestlers of all time says you’re good, you must have something.

Roode vs Angle


Roode and Angle faced off many times during their times in TNA. The two wrestled for the TNA World Championship at Bound for Glory 2011, with Angle retaining his championship.

Time may be running out for the Canadian. Bobby Roode is 45 now, and WWE has not seen him as a main event star up until now.

However, fellow former TNA Champion Bobby Lashley was 44 when he won his first World Championship in WWE (Making him one of the few black WWE champions). So, not all hope is lost for Bobby Roode.

And if he does finally win the WWE Championship, it will surely be…

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