Mick Foley reveals what it would take for him to return to WWE

Mick Foley has recently revealed what it would take for him to make a long awaited return to WWE. The former WWE Champion has been out of the ring since 2012 and hasn’t made regular appearance on WWE TV since his spell as Raw General Manager in 2016. However, he could be convinced to return to WWE but once he has accomplished one of his goals first.

On the debut episode of his new podcast Foley is Pod, Mick Foley revealed that he wont return to WWE unless he loses the excess weight he put on during lockdown.

Foley revealed that his weight has ballooned to over 300 pounds and at 56 years old, he does not want to be seen as that big on television. He previously lost a lot of weight with the help of former WCW Champion DDP and DDPYoga, but it appears the last two years of COVID has helped him to put the weight back on.

A Mick Foley return would require a huge weight loss which is something he would probably love to do to help his own health improve.

On the maiden episode of Foley is Pod, Mick Foley said;

“I’m going to break some news here, I’m not going back on WWE television until I’m under 300 (pounds) because I feel like I’ve let Vince down.”

“Even if he gets on the phone with me personally and says ‘Mick we’d like to have you back,’ cause I’ve said no on a couple of occasions. I did come back for Undertaker, but I’ve put on a ton of weight since then, too, because, I took my responsibility to keep my local eateries in business during the pandemic seriously!”

Mick Foley doesn’t seem like he wants to return to the ring, however. He hasn’t wrestled since 2012, and a feud with Dean Ambrose was nixed that year due to him failing the WWE medical. The crazy bumps he has taken over the years have taken a toll and at 56 it is no time to think about coming out of retirement.

He is most famous for his match against the Undertaker (as Mankind) inside Hell in a Cell. Foley was thrown multiple times from the cell, suffering huge injuries that led many to think he had died.

Foley last appeared on WWE TV at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony honouring long-time friend The Undertaker, but was last regularly on TV in 2017 as Stephanie McMahon’s assistant.

Mick Foley is unlikely to return to the ring in WWE, but there is no saying that we won’t see Mankind, Cactus Jack or Dude Love in a backstage segment or cinematic match inside WWE in the future.

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