How much do WWE wrestlers make? (WWE Superstars Salaries Revealed)

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) has aggressively bought competitors in its history to maintain its position as the world’s largest wrestling agency.

The company negotiates a downside guarantee with any wrestler and pays them a base salary, some bonuses for successful WWE events, and a percentage of goods sales that feature their image. In this blog, we’ll look at the best top earners of WWE wrestlers.

There’re performance fees related to the place where these start to participate in every event that’s paid like that of prizefighters and entertainers.

Generally speaking, the main event fights paid more than those in the lower ranks. Sales of gear, including straight sales at venues and on the WWE official site and 24% of revenue generated by 3rd party licenses, are also split among talent and WWE.

Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers

Brock Lesnar  – $12 million

The part-tie wrestler, Brock Lesnar is the highest-paid WWE wrestler as of 2022 with a yearly earning of more than 12 million dollars.

He headlines one to three PPVs in the year and earns $500,000 for each PPV appearance. He also features in the weekly WWE show to promote the main event and does not wrestle continually in RAW and Smackdown.

John Cena – $9 million

is john cena retired

John Cena is a future WWE Hall of Famer and has been central to the success of the company since starting his wrestling journey in 1999. He has won the WWE Championship a great thirteen times, World Heavyweight Titles 3 times, and the WWE US Championship 5 times.

Given his stature and great marketability in the wrestling world, it’ll come as no surprise to hear that his contract is worth an impressive $9 million each year. He is only beaten out by Brock Lesnar as the highest paid WWE wrestler in the world.

Roman Reigns – $5 million

Whether you watch wrestling religiously or once each year, chances are you will know who Roman Reigns is Without any doubt, he is the biggest super start in wrestling right now.

Pocketing $5 million each year, Roman Reigns has enjoyed plenty of success in the ring – winning the WWE heavyweight title on 4 occasions as well as the Royal Rumble 2015.

Randy Orton – $4.5 million

The youngest WWE Championship holder in history, Randy Orton is one of the most recognizable people in the world of wrestling. He has climbed the ranks during his stint as a pro wrestler and now pockets a huge $4.5 million each year from the company.

Orton made his debut back in 2000 but is still a prominent figure in WWE, especially when it comes to attracting an fans to worldwide WWE shows.

AJ Styles – $3.5 million

the undertaker vs aj styles

He might have turned down his work rate as he reaches the final stages of his in-ring career. But he remains a top WWE star and earns around $3.5 million each year under his new agreement. The former WWE Champion has been a top star in WWE since his debut in 2016, and has rightfully earned himself the spot at one of WWE’s highest paid wrestlers.

He has been trusted by WWE in a number of important spots, including in the final ever match of the Undertaker. Facing such a huge WWE legend in their last match is an honor only a huge star could be given, and AJ Styles helped The Undertaker to a fantastic final match.

Triple H – $3.3 million

After winding down his WWE in-ring career, he continues to be the head of the WWE talent development. Triple H takes more than $3.3 million for his on-screen and backstage work.

He has a fixed annual salary of around $730,000 each year, while the rest comes from stock awards and incentives.

Seth Rollins – $3 million

Rollins has come a very long way since making his pro wrestling debut in 2005 and Rollins is now a pivotal figure in the WWE Company. 

A member of legendry team The Shield and highly regarded as one of the most skilful wrestlers in WWE now, he is 6th on the list with annual pay of $3 million each year.

Drafted to RAW in 2021, Seth Rollins has become one of the top heels in WWE. His matches with Roman Reigns, especially at the Royal Rumble this year, reminded fans just how good he was. This was exemplified when he helped carry a one-armed Cody Rhodes to an incredible Hell in a Cell match, showcasing simply how good he is inside the ring.

Goldberg  – $3 million

goldberg wwe debut

After a brief stint in 2016-17, he returned to the company as a special attraction in 2019. And he signed a $3 million each year contract with the company. 

And he has only appeared in 2 matches each year, taking his income to 1.5 million bucks per match. It is unknown whether or not he is still with the company, but if he is then he stands near the top of the list of the highest paid WWE superstars at the company.

Dolph Ziggler – $2.8 million

Dolph Ziggler NXT Champion

With an annual salary of around $2.8 million, he sneaks onto the list of best-paid wrestlers in 2022. He arrived in the WWE agency in 2004 and has won many belts during his pro career, including WWE heavyweight title and WWE US Championship.

In addition to his WWE Company commitments, he is also a standup comedian and he handled his 1st tour back in 2019.

Drew McIntyre – $1 million

2021 was a big year for Drew McIntyre, with the Scottish Wrestler clashing with Sheamus and Bobby Lashley throughout the summer months.

He defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 to become a WWE champion and that storyline has led to a very busy schedule for the Royal Rumble Winner 2020.

Presently in the limelight, his demands are assisting him be compensated with an annual salary of $1 million each year. 

Bobby Lashley – $1 million

He burst onto the scene in 2005 but has been in and out of the WWE arena for the bulk of his pro career. Juggling his mixed martial arts career, he is earning $1 million from his WWE contract.

He has been heavily involved in major events this year and is a former WWE US Champion and 2 times WWE Intercontinental Champion.

How much do WWE female wrestlers get paid?

becky lynch aew

The WWE female stars are also paid beautifully, the highest-paid female wrestler Ronda Rousey earns $1.5 million each year followed by Becky Lynch who earns $1 million.

The other WWE female stars who’ve WWE agreements such as Nikki Bella, Charlotte Flair, and Alexa Bliss are paid around $550,000.

Who is the lowest-paid WWE wrestler?

WWE wrestler, Liv Morgan presently appears on the SmackDown. She signed an agreement with WWE’s NXT and was later promoted to Smackdown.

She is the lowest-paid start holding the WWE agreement, she earns $80,000 each year part from main event appearances bonuses.

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