WWE PPV Schedule 2022 – Every WWE Premium Live Event List

WWE has always put on blockbuster show after blockbuster show, and 2022 is no different. They have already announced 12 PPV’s (or Premium Live Events) for this year, with others possibly being added as time goes on.

With Roman Reigns winning both World Championship at Wrestlemania 38, it is expected that most, if not all, of WWE PPV’s will be headlined by Roman Reigns. At least, until he loses the championship which could be soon as he is expected to be moving to Hollywood within the near future.

2022 could well be the year he becomes one of the all time greats or is finally dethroned by an up-and-coming star. Whatever happens, those matches will surely take place at the biggest stage of them all, on a WWE PPV or PLE.

What is the next WWE Pay Per View?

The next WWE Pay Per View is Money in the Bank 2022. The show will be broadcast live on PPV from the MGM Grand Arena in Paradise, Nevada. It will be the 13th edition of the event, which has been an annual WWE event since its debut in 2010.

The show will feature two Money in the Bank ladder matches, featuring one male and one female match. The wrestlers will compete to win the Money in the Bank briefcase and earn the title of “Mr/Mrs Money in the Bank”.

By winning the briefcase, they will earn themselves a World Championship opportunity at any point in the next 12 months. This has lead to some incredible moments, like Seth Rollins cashing in his money in the bank in the main event of Wrestlemania 31.



See the table below for the full schedule of WWE PPV’s in 2022. Any additional events added to the calendar will be added to the list below, so check back for any extra WWE premium live events that will be added in the future.

Day 1January 1st, 2022Dunkin' Donuts Center,
Providence, Rhode Island
Royal Rumble 2022January 29th, 2022The Dome at America's Center, St Louis, Missuori
Elimination Chamber 2022February 19th, 2022Jeddah Super Dome, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Wrestlemania 38 Night 1April 2nd, 2022AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas
Wrestlemania 38 Night 2April 3rd, 2022AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas
Wrestlemania Backlash 2022May 8th, 2022Dunkin' Donuts Center,
Providence, Rhode Island
Hell in a Cell 2022June 5th, 2022Allstate Arena, Rosement, Illinois
Money in the Bank 2022July 2nd, 2022MGM Grand Arena, Paradise, Nevada
Summerslam 2022July 30th, 2022Nissan Stadium, Nashville Tennessee
Clash at the CastleSeptember 3rd, 2022Principality Stadium, Cardiff, Wales
Crown Jewel 2022November 5th, 2022TBA, Ridyah, Saudi Arabia
Survivor Series 2022November 26th, 2022TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts

The list above contains all of the currently announced WWE premium live events for the upcoming year (2022). WWE may add more shows to the list, like Clash at the Castle which was announced months into the current year.

Who has the most PPV matches in WWE?

Randy Orton has wrestled on the most pay per view matches in WWE history. As of Wrestlemania Backlash in May 2022, The Viper has competed in 180 matches on Pay Per View in WWE since his debut 20 years ago.

He ranks above other WWE legends to top the list of most PPV matches. Orton has 5 more matches than Hall of Famer Kane and 7 more than The Undertaker. Other stars who rank just below Randy Orton are Triple H (173 matches), John Cena (163 matches) and Chris Jericho (144).

With the commanding lead Orton has over his peers, it is unlikely anyone will overtake him, maybe ever. He has been a consistent star and wrestled on nearly every show since his debut in 2002. The closest full-time wrestler to him is the Miz, who has 56 less matches than Orton and is unlikely to reach him.

How do you watch WWE Pay Per Views?

There are multiple ways of watching the biggest wrestling shows, depending on where in the world you live. In the United States, the WWE Network was moved to Peacock, NBC’s own streaming service where it joins other hit TV shows like The Office.

Outside of the United States, the WWE Network can be viewed in its original form. In places like the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe and many other places, fans can subscribe to the WWE network for the low price of £9.99 a month.

PPV’s can also be ordered in the traditional manner via pay per view providers. Please check your local provider in order to purchase these shows, although they are likely to be more expensive than streaming it on the WWE Network.

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