Revealing why Carmella broke up with Big Cass in WWE!

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why did carmella and big cass break up

Why did Carmella break up with Big Cass? Find out all about the WWE couple which simply could not stay together.

Carmella and Big Cass were one of the hottest young couples in WWE during the pairs time in WWE. They were part of a trio inside the ring, alongside Enzo Amore with Carmella as their manager during their time in NXT, but once called up to the main roster they were split up, with Cass and Enzo working together whilst Carmella went out on her own.

During this time, Carmella and Big Cass relationship began to grow, and in turn, become sour. The pair eventually split up, despite being featured regularly on Total Divas and moving in together. Eventually their relationship became untenable and they split up.

Carmella would become a WWE Women’s Champion and find a new man in her life, post break up. She is now one of WWE’s biggest stars in the women’s division and regularly appears on WWE TV and pay per views.

Meanwhile, Big Cass was fired from WWE in 2018, with part of the reason also being the reason why Carmella and Big Cass broke up. His life changed in ways no-one could have expected and it is shocking to hear exactly what happened to Big Cass.

Keep reading to find out what happened to Big Cass and why Carmella and Big Cass broke up.

Why did Carmella and Big Cass break up?

carmella wwe

Before Carmella married Corey Graves, she dated former WWE Superstar Big Cass (AEW’s Big Bill).

The former Smackdown Women’s Champion broke up with Big Cass before he was released by WWE in 2017, although all parties kept quiet about the reasons behind the split.

On an episode of Total Divas, Carmella finally revealed why the pair split up during their time in WWE. She revealed that at first they were in love, and even moved in together when they purchased a home together. They were moving in the right direction and everything seemed perfect.

Unfortunately, the opposite was true. Carmella revealed that when the happy things happened in their life, the fights got worse. Disagreements shot up more and the pair grew distant due to the issues between them.

It was also revealed that Big Cass never had any intention of marrying her, which was a long-time dream for Carmella. Couple with his uptake in alcohol use and reported abuse, she broke it off with Big Cass and moved on with her life, eventually finding husband Corey Graves.

Is Carmella Married to Corey Graves?

Carmella is currently married to WWE commentator Corey Graves. The pair tied the not at a private ceremony featuring many WWE superstars and legends in April 2022. Guest at the wedding included stars of WWE and AEW, including Baron Corbin, Bayley, Natalya and Jon Moxley.

Carmella and Corey Graves begun dating in 2019, after Graves split up with his first wife. The pair grew close travelling with WWE together and quickly fell in love with each other. They have been heavily featured in the “E!” WWE reality show “Total Divas”, alongside other WWE stars like Alexa Bliss, the Bella Twins and Bryan Danielson.

The pair launched their own Youtube show, entitled “Corey and Carmella” in 2028, with the show premiering on the WWE Youtube Channel in February this year. However the show did not take off as expected and was not a big hit with WWE fans.

The pair were also a couple on WWE TV, where they would obnoxiously kiss on screen and Graves would faun over Carmella repeatedly from the commentary desk.

What happened to Big Cass?

what happened to big cass?

Big Cass returned to WWE in 2018, after a brutal injury kept him out of action for close to a year. In a match with Enzo Amore in August 2017, Big Cass suffered a torn ACL, forcing the match to ended due to Cass being unable to walk. This gave Enzo Amore the win and ended the feud between the two former tag team partners.

He returned to WWE in 2018 after Wrestlemania 34. He attacked Daniel Bryan, himself recently returned from an injury that forced him to retire two years prior It was an odd choice for a feud, but both men gave it their all and put on some decent matches as WWE tried to push Big Cass as their top heel.

However, that would be among his last matches in WWE. In the middle of their rivalry, Big Cass was fired from WWE. According to Sports Illustrated, Morrissey’s release was due to behavioural issues including public intoxication during a WWE tour and disobeying direct orders from Vince McMahon.

This included attacking a “little person” during a segment mocking Daniel Bryan, disobeying McMahon’s orders and going overboard on the violence with his shorter opponent. Big Cass later commented on a number of issues that caused his attitude and eventual firing.

In an video posted by Diamond Dallas Page on his DDPY Youtube channel, Big Cass revealed that he was fired by WWE for a number of personal reasons citing depression, anxiety and an alcohol addiction the main factors in his exit. These were also some of the issues that caused Big Cass and Carmella to break up.

Big Cass now wrestles on the independent scene, most recently as a member of the Impact Wrestling roster. He wresles as W. Morrissey now, including a recent appearance in AEW. He wrestled Wardlow on an episode of AEW Dynamite, losing to the current TNT Champion by pin fall after a nasty powerbomb.

He signed permanently to AEW in 2023, changing his name to Big Bill, becoming a featured part of AEW Collision.

Big Bill has teamed with numerous different AEW stars over the past year, and he is currently managed by former FTW Champion Ricky Starks.

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