Drew McIntyre In AEW Could Sell Out Wembley Stadium In 2024

Hamish Woodward

Drew McIntyre has been in a lull over the past 12 months. Since losing to Roman Reings at Clash at the Castle, he has struggled to find a consistent spot on the WWE roster, prompting speculation surrounding Drew McIntyre joining AEW in 2024.

While many people thought McIntyre was a WWE lifer since returning to the company in 2017, it hasn’t quite panned out that.

The Scot was key in bringing the WWE their first UK stadium show in three decades, but the debut of Solo Sikoa saw him loss in a controversial match against Roman Reigns, failing to win the Universal Championship.

Since that day, he has tumbled down the card. WWE have not treated Drew McIntyre as the star he is, leaving him stuck in the mid card with acts like Sheamus and Matt Riddle as his opponents in the ring.

It isn’t the worst place he could be, but as a former WWE Champion, he was expecting more. This is partially the reason why he is considering leaving WWE at the end of his contract in December, leading to speculation surrounding Drew McIntyre signing for AEW in the new year.

McIntyre did he best work when he was released by the WWE in 2014, following a disappointing spell as part of the Three Man Band stable.

He went on a tour of the indies, winning gold in England, Scotland and the United States as he made himself a bigger star than he was before he left.

He transformed physically and in the ring. McIntyre put on a huge amount of muscle nad improved greatly in the ring, putting on some incredible matches with stars like Cody Rhodes, Will Ospreay and Grado.

With his WWE run turning out disappointing (since losing the WWE Championship to Bobby Lashley), a move to AEW could be the shot in the arm Drew McIntyre needs to cement his legacy in wrestling.

Plus, a trip to Wembley Stadium next August wouldn’t go a miss. As the biggest British wrestling star at the moment, Drew McIntyre would greatly help AEW to sell out Wembley Stadium for All In 2024 next year, should he join the company.

The move would be beneficial to both parties. AEW are certainly lacking in star power since firing CM Punk earlier this month, with his spot on AEW Collision being taken up by the returning Bryan Danielson.

However, Danielson is set to retire next year, and they have a ready-made main event star in Drew McIntyre to replace him as the new face of Collision.

Whether he keeps his name or reverts to his indie name of Drew Galloway, the Scottish superstar would be the biggest signing AEW have made since Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole joined the company in 2021.

Drew McIntyre would be the first Royal Rumble winner to wrestle for AEW.

He would instantly be one of the most decorated wrestlers on the roster, behind only legends like Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho, bringing a wealth of talent and experience to help the young, hungry roster.

A stable of his own would be the best fit for Drew McIntyre. He could finally have the chance to be a true “top guy”, and leading his own stable of tough guys would give him the opportunity to do it in the best way.

If AEW could sign fellow Scottish wrestler Joe Hendry to compliment McIntyre, and pair them with a powerhouse like Powerhouse Hobbs, they could form a coalition of three of the most fearsome wrestlers in AEW.

While AEW has an abundance of fantastic wrestlers (which McIntyre also is), they need somebody with the character work and star power that McIntyre brings. He can work with the young talent, helping to bring out an intensity that they have previously kept hidden.

Drew McIntyre to AEW would be the biggest signing AEW could make next year. A match against fellow Briton Will Ospreay would be their best chance at selling out Wembley Stadium for AEW All In 2024, if they can offer him the millions of dollars he would need to make the jump to All Elite Wrestling.

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