The Big Show’s last match in WWE was one you probably don’t remember

Hamish Woodward

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The Big Show is a legend in WWE and one of the greatest giants in wrestling history, only behind the legendary Andre the Giant. He is a former WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion and ECW Champion, as well as winning the WCW Championship in his very first match ( as The Giant).

Despite having a not-so great later years in WWE, Big Show did have some incredibly memorable moments in WWE. His debut, attacking Steve Austin inside a cage as St Valentines Day Massacre, was one of the best debuts in WWE history, and his match against Floyd Mayweather at Wrestlemania 24 was one of the biggest celebrity matches in the history of pro-wrestling, up there with Antonio Inoki vs Mohammed Ali.

His last match in WWE came in 2020, over 20 years after his incredible debut. However, Big Show’s last WWE match may be one that you do not quite remember…

Big Show’s last WWE match

The Big Shows’ last match in WWE was against Randy Orton in an “Unsanctioned Match” on the July 20 2020 episode of Monday Night Raw. The two former WWE Champions clashed in a match in front of no crowds, due to the COVID-19 pandemic limiting attendence.

Randy Orton had spent the last couple of months attacking other WWE legends such as Edge and his former tag team partner Christian. This extended to the Big Show, who Orton promised to punt kick and end his career if he stepped into the ring with The Viper.

The match was Big Show’s last match in WWE, and his third match in a month in WWE. However, it was his first singles match since he faced Drew McIntyre after Wrestlemania 36 for the WWE Championship 4 months prior.

The match was a standard Randy Orton/Big Show match, with a few chair and table spots thrown in for good measure. It also featured interference from an inordinate number of wrestlers, who brawled at ringside just before the finish to the match to distract the giant Big Show.

The finish to Big Show’s last WWE match simply. He was hit with the RKO after the huge amount of interference, and pinned by Randy Orton for the three count. After the match, Orton hit him with the deadly Punt Kick, one of the most dangerous moves in WWE, knocking him out and forcing him out of action in WWE, eventually for good.

It was a decent last match, but not after a near 25 year run in WWE. Big Show was well out of his prime, getting chants of “Please retire” five years prior, but a legend such as himself should have earned himself a Hall of Fame induction before signing for AEW. Alas, he is still not in the WWE Hall of Fame, and is currently on commentary for AEW Dark: Elevation on Youtube whilst also wrestling occasionally on AEW Dark.

He even wrestled on an AEW Pay Per View. Big Show, under his real name “Paul Wight”, defeated QT Marshall at AEW All Out 2021 in one of the worst matches on the show. Thankfully that was not the Big Show’s last match, as it would really be a sorry end to a great career fort he spiritual successor to Andre the Giant.

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