All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling, or AEW, is a wrestling promotion based in Florida. It features some of the best wrestlers in the world, with the likes of Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho.

Every Injury Of Kris Statlander’s AEW Career, Explained

There is no doubt that Kris Statlander‘s injuries have limited her AEW career. If she had stayed healthy over the past four years, she would likely be one of the biggest stars in the division and have a world title reign under her belt. Sadly, she has suffered with knee injuries that have kept her … Read more

KENTA vs CM Punk Match Has Been Cancelled (Forbidden Door 2023)

AEW have cancelled the planned KENTA vs CM Punk match at Forbidden Door, despite CM Punk being open to wrestling the Japanese star. According to a recent report by Fightful Select, an anticipated showdown between KENTA and CM Punk at the Forbidden Door event is no longer in the works. Last weekend, KENTA conveyed to … Read more
Chris Jericho vs Sting

Chris Jericho Thinks “There Has To Be” Match With Sting In AEW

Chris Jericho vs Sting is a match that never took place in wrestling, which may be hard to believe. The two were a key part of WCW’s roster in the Attitude Era but somehow never faced off. This was due to Jericho being stuck in the Cruiserweight Division, alongside other incredible talents such as Rey … Read more

CM Punk Reveals All With Colt Cabana’s Explosive Relationship

CM Punk and Colt Cabana used to be best friends. They came through the business together in Chicago, fighting each other all over the country in some huge matches. They were the independent match that everybody wanted to book, and they both became stars in WWE on the back of their work with each other. … Read more
cm punks best matches

Top 10 CM Punk’s Best Matches Of His 20 Year Career

CM Punk is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, but what is the best CM Punk match of all time? CM Punk shocked the world when he turned up in AEW at AEW Rampage. The crowd could not stop chanting for their hero, and the tears in their eyes matches the tears in … Read more
AEW Championship History

The History of the AEW World Championship Analysed

The AEW World Championship has a title history that rivals any other, in the names that have held the prestigious belt. The champions who have reigned as the top wrestler in AEW have all been the biggest names of the company and have carried the company on their back over multiple months. The rise of … Read more

Orange Cassidy’s 15 Best Matches In AEW History

AEW has shone the spotlight on a number of talents who, for one reason or another. Some of them have proven to be huge stars. One of them is Orange Cassidy, and in this article we will look at Orange Cassidy’s best matches in AEW. He made his AEW debut at the first ever AEW … Read more

The Best Matches Of Kris Statlander’s Career So Far

Kris Statlander is one of the original female stars of AEW, and is quickly becoming their most popular star. She debuted at the start of the companies life and became synonymous with the brand as she teamed up with Trent, Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy as “Best Friends“. As a four-piece, they made huge strides … Read more

Kris Statlander Reveals Sign Language Usage And Deaf Awareness

Kris Statlander has revealed why she uses sign language during her AEW entrance – although has denied rumours that she is deaf. She revealed in an interview with Jaychele Nicole that, while she is not deaf, she learnt American Sign Language (ASL) just because it was “something useful to learn” and would help her in … Read more

Every Orange Cassidy AEW International Championship Title Defence

On October 12th, 2022, Orange Cassidy won his first championship in AEW since his debut. He had challenged for an array of titles since he first appeared at Double or Nothing 2019 in the Casino Battle Royal, but came up short when facing off against the likes of Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and Brodie Lee. … Read more

AEW Best Feuds and Rivalries of all time

What are the AEW best feuds ever? We look at the greatest feuds the company has ever seen Wrestling is great. Seeing two men fighting in the ring is entertaining to watch. But unless there’s a story, a real reason behind the fight, then it’s just not the same. When the fight is personal and … Read more
why did aew fire brian kendrick

Brian Kendrick Fired By AEW For Crazy Conspiracy Theories

When AEW announced Brian Kendrick was going to wrestle Jon Moxley, fans were extatic. Hours later, he was fired. What happened? What did Brian Kendrick say to get himself fired from AEW? He missed out on a dream match with Jon Moxley and a potential run in AEW, but some horrific comments cost him that … Read more
CM Punk, Bret Hart, and Dusty Rhodes

AEW Fight Forever Legends – Legends confirmed for AEW Video Game

With AEW Fight Forever being released on June 29th, we look at the legends currently confirmed for the video game. Tony Khan, CEO of AEW, has reportedly invested over $10 million in the upcoming AEW console game. Fans have been excited about the potential competitor to the WWE 2K franchise, with the first trailer for … Read more

Anthony Bowens Rejected WWE Contract After AEW Debut

WWE is not beyond trying to poach AEW talent. Ben Carter made has AEW debut last year, but months after was going by Nathan Frazer in NXT UK. Other talent, like Daniel Bryan (who recently impressed the wrestling world with the Bryan Danielson vs Kenny Omega) and Adam Cole turned down WWE to sign for … Read more

Jungle Boy Best Matches In His AEW Career, Ranked

There are few young stars in wrestling today with as many fantastic matches as Jungle Boy, who is poised to be a big star in the company. I have written at length about how Jungle Boys is the future of AEW. I think he is one of the top stars, and the fan reaction to … Read more
cody rhodes last aew match

Cody Rhodes’ last AEW match is one of the greatest matches ever

Cody Rhodes‘ last AEW match made sure that the fans in the company were going to miss him when he was got. He put on a fantastic performance that had many calling his final match in the company the best in Cody Rhodes’ career. The first ever TNT Champion made his WWE return at Wrestlemania … Read more
Brodie Lee Last Match

Brodie Lee’s Last Match Was “Hated” By Cody Rhodes

What did you think of Brodie Lee’s last match? AEW star Brodie Lee passed away on 26th December 2020, after a long and secret battle with illness. His death came as a huge shock to the wrestling world, with many people not even aware of him being ill. His death hit everyone hard, as Brodie … Read more

Brodie Lee Best Matches From His Legendary Career

As we look back at his heartbreaking passing, we pay tribute to the former Luke Harper and look at Brodie Lee‘s best matches in his incredible career. On 26th December 2020, John Huber AKA Brodie Lee passed away. His death was widely mourned by fans and colleagues alike. The whole his passing left in AEW … Read more

Explaining Brodie Lee’s Death And The Harrowing Details

Brodie Lee’s death in 2020 was one of the most shocking deaths in wrestling history. Without a hint of anything wrong with him, Brodie Lee was announced dead on the day after Christmas in 2020. It had already been a tumultuous year for everyone, with the COVID pandemic changing life as we know it. This … Read more
jimmy havoc

Jimmy Havoc’s Career Is In Tatters After Speaking Out Controversy

The name Jimmy Havoc is a long-forgotten one in wrestling, and for very good reason. The start of AEW was a fun time in wrestling. This new company had just been founded, blending top stars from around the world with the best of the independent scene and up-and-comers ready to make their name in the … Read more

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