Shocking Moment Drew McIntyre Broke Charlie Haas’ Neck

Hamish Woodward

Drew McIntyre Broke Charlie Haas Neck

Charlie Haas has revealed how Drew McIntyre broke his neck during one ill-fate segment on Smackdown.

The former WWE Tag Team Champion has been gone from WWE for over a decade and recently made a huge return to Impact wrestling.

Sadly, a debut injury looks set to keep him out for a number of months, putting an end to a short and promising run.

Charlie Haas had his neck broken by Drew McIntyre during a Smackdown segment in 2009. Haas was locked in a feud with R-Truth at the time and called out the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion to fight him in the ring.

Instead, he was answered by Scottish wrestler Drew McIntyre. He was much different than the Drew of today, looking much smaller and lacking the confidence of the former WWE Champion he would later become.

He was also inexperienced, which showed clearly when he broke Charlie Haas neck with a botched move. McIntyre cut a short promo on Haas before nailing him with his signature “Futureshock DDT”.

Something went wrong and Haas’ head was slammed into the matt. With his arms locked due to the nature of McIntyre’s version of the double-arm DDT, he had no protection from the mat and went head first into the ground.

Drew McIntyre Broke Charlie Haas Neck

Speaking in a new interview with Sportskeeda’s Dr. Chris Featherston, Charlie Haas said about having his neck broken by Drew McIntyre.

“Edge and I are friends, we’re good friends. I didn’t know he was coming back because of his neck. I mean, I broke my neck, Drew McIntyre broke my neck, it’s on YouTube. It was supposed to be me and Ron Killings, and they brought him out instead and… it was an interview and he cut me off and he hit me with a DDT with my hands behind my back, never let go. I heard it crack.

While he claims that Drew McIntyre broke his neck with a botched DDT, Charlie Haas only missed three months of TV before returning to the ring.

Charlie Haas Last WWE Match

Charlie Haas’ last WWE match took place on Smackdown on January 19th, 2010. This was in a tag team match where he teamed with Mike Knox to take on Cryme Tyme – the duo of JTG and Shad.

The match was a short one and lasted less than a minute. As the four men fought, fire erupted from the stage as Kane made a surprise appearance in the match.

He ran down to the ring and attacked all the men in the match. He threw them over the top rope and stood triumphant in the ring. He was making a statement regarding the upcoming 2010 Royal Rumble match, which was won by Edge.

Charlie Haas was released a month later on February 28th, 2010. Bleacher Report reported his release from the company, releasing this statement.

The WWE has announced that they have released superstar Charlie Haas from their roster. Haas was with the WWE on and off since 2000. He was one of the most technically gifted wrestlers they had and part of a very memorable tag team with Shelton Benjamin.

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