Ranking Every Texas Death Match In AEW History

AEW has brought the Texas Death Match back into the forefront of pro-wrestling. Previously a relic of the territory era, the match has now taken on a new meaning, being a feud-ending, bloody and brutal match type that has taken All Elite Wrestling by storm.

Since 2021, the match has been AEW’s version of the Last Man Standing match. WWE use the match as a final-boss style of match, a final battle where anything goes. AEW took this and made it bigger, better and bloodier. Weapons are required and barbed wire is heavily encouraged. You can see why Jon Moxley sees this as one of his favourite matches to end his rivalries.

The Texas Death Match is a simple one. There are no rules except for the match can only be won by knockout or submission. The winner has to either make their opponent tap out, or beat them so badly that they cannot answer a ten count.It adds a whole new dimension to pro-wrestling and is a welcome return to mainstream professional wrestling.

AEW Texas Death Matches

In this article, we will go through every Texas Death Match in AEW history. We’ll look at the matches themselves, the two brave wrestlers who fought in them, and the brutal acts of violence they committed in the pursuit of victory.

Jon Moxley vs Lance Archer

The first Texas Death match in AEW history was actually for one of New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s championships.

Jon Moxley defended his IWGP United States Championship against Lance Archer in a huge main event match on the AEW Dynamite: Fyter Fest Night 2 event.

The bout was one of the most violent and bloody in AEW history, up until that point. Moxley and Archer had a Texas Death Match in NJPW earlier that year but this one outshone that in spades.

The bout saw 13 and a half minutes of chaos, destruction and all-out war. It was the typical Jon Moxley bloodbath, with violence and blood always on the menu.

It was a great hardcore match, with brilliant spots and showcasing Jon Moxley as the underdog to the Murderhawk Monster. In his hometown of Garland, Texas, Lance Archer beat Jon Moxley to win the IWGP US Championship, ending a long-standing feud between the two.

This was the first Texas Death Match in AEW history and set the stage for some legendary in the years following.

Adam Page vs Lance Archer

The second Texas Death match in AEW history was the first to take place for the AEW Championship.

After the conclusion of his feud with Bryan Danielson, Adam Page turned to his next challenger for the AEW Championship.

He fought Lance Archer, who won the first Texas Death Match against Jon Moxley in the year prior. In this one, he attempted to win the world title on the February 9th, 2022 episode of AEW Dynamite.

The match had one of the most innovative finish ever. Lance Archer disconnected the top rope from the ring, stopping Hangman from using his patented Buckshot Lariat to win the bout.

However, Adam Page used all his cunning and thought of a plan. He used the referee, springboarding off his back to hit the move to defeat Archer to retain his AEW Championship in a Texas Death Match.

Adam Page vs Adam Cole

The third Texas Death Match in AEW took place on the April 15th, 2022 episode of AEW Rampage. Adam Page retained the AEW Championship by beating Cole in a fun match.

In a brutal match filled with innovative and dangerous spots, Adam Page hit Adam Cole with some barbed wire before hitting a Deadeye through two tables to pick up the victory.

This is a largely forgotten match, due to the under-the-radar nature of their feud in 2022.

Jon Moxley vs Adam Page

Debuting a new entrance theme, Adam Page walked into AEW Revolution 2023 for the fight off his life.

He took on Jon Moxley in a Texas Death Match, a man famed for his love for violence and his penchant for death matches.

Every Texas Death Match in AEW so far had involved Jon Moxley and Adam Page, although they had not faced off in the match until AEW Revolution 2023.

This bout took violence to a new level. The two former AEW Champions battled it out in one of the most violent and disgusting matches of all time, pulling out all the stops to try and put their opponent away any way they could.

The match featured barbed-wire, chairs and chains, to name but a few of the weapons used in the match. Moxley even dug a fork into the skull of Adam Page, in a disgusting scene.

The ending of the match was by far the most disturbing part. After a big buckshot lariat, Page clotheslined Jon Moxley over the top rope, as he had a chain wrapped around his neck.

Adam Page then yanked the chain, as Hangman played up to his name and hanged Moxley by the neck until he finally gave up and handed the victory over.

This was the best Texas Deathmatch in AEW history. It was given a 9.54 rating by the users on Cagematch, with Dave Meltzer calling it the best Texas Deathmatch of all time.

Adam Page vs Swerve Strickland

At Full Gear 2023, Adam Page wrestled Swerve Strickland in a Texas Death Match. Adam Page did not take long to stamp his mark on this match. He didn’t even wait for his music to hit before he attacked Swerve in the ring, hitting him with a Buckshot Lariat just seconds into their Texas Death Match.

It’s not like it wasn’t warranted. Swerve Strickland broke into Hangman’s house and threatened his baby, which I dare say is a big no-no to new parents – especially those whose job it is to beat you up. He quickly tied Swerve’s hands together with duct tape, before stapling his bare skin in some disgusting scenes. Blood flowed down his face as Hangman stapled his child’s drawings onto his face, before he drank Swerves blood in soe disgusting, horrific scenes.

Swerve soon got the upper hand and stapled himself, giving this match a very, very different feel. Still disgusting, but made both men look like absolute monsters. As if the addition of barbed wire chairs weren’t enough, Swerve Strickland poured broken glass over the back of Adam Page, before launching into him with a 450 splash (followed by a JML Driver).

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