Is Finn Balor Gay? (Married, Relationship with Becky Lynch?)

Hamish Woodward

Finn Balor is one of the most influential Irish wrestlers of all time. The former NJPW wrestler has made a name for himself in WWE, and is a multi-time former champion in the promotion.

Finn Balor was the first ever Universal Champion in WWE history, beating Seth Rollins at Summerslam 2016 for the belt.

However, his reign lasted only 1 day, as a shoulder injury forced him to vacate the belt. This added on to his three NXT Championship reigns, to make him one of the decorated stars in WWE today.

In his WWE career, Finn Balor has had many close relationships. From The Good Brothers to Becky Lynch, he has been close with many WWE superstars.

But, is Finn Balor gay? Some people have been speaking about his sexuality over the years, so in this article we will dispel the myths and tell you the truth about his relationship with Becky Lynch.

Is Finn Balor Gay?

No, Finn Balor is not gay. He has previously had relationships with fellow WWE employees, including current backstage interviewer Cathy Kelley.

However, he broke up with Kelley a few years ago, and began dating Mexican sports journalist and television host Vero Rodriguez.

The pair were spotted together at the 2019 Champions League Final, where he watched his side Tottenham lose in the final against Liverpool.

Finn Balor married Vero Rodriguez later that year, in a private ceremony Turin, in August 2019.

Did Finn Balor Date Becky Lynch?

Finn Balor has known Becky Lynch for nearly two decades, but not because the pair used to be a couple.

Finn Balor never dated Becky Lynch, but the parir have been friends since they both lived in Ireland.

Becky Lynch was trained by Balor, who ran a training school early on in his wrestling career. The future world champions worked together as youngsters, with Lynch a student of The Demon.

During an interview with the Times Now, Lynch spoke about her start in professional wrestling, which was with Finn Balor in his wrestling school

“My brother and I would watch wrestling all the time and I loved it. But if you wanted to be a wrestler, you’d have to go off to England or America to train.

It was only at Finn Balor’s school that I got the opportunity to learn. We wrestled for three months on just six blue mats on the floor in this tiny little hall at Saint Andrew’s national school.

We’d go down there every Sunday and that’s how we learned, on the mats. We’d go across to England and do these summer camps where you’d train eight or nine hours a day in a gym.”

Both Becky Lynch and Finn Balor are currently married, but not to each other.

Balor is married to TV hot Vero Rodriguez, whilst Becky Lynch has a child with her husband and fellow WWE Superstar Seth Rollins.

Finn Balor and Becky Lynch remain good friends, and alongside Sheamus are flying the flag for Ireland in the WWE.

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