Monty Brown’s Last Match Before Retiring In His Prime

Hamish Woodward

Monty Brown is one of the biggest “What ifs?” in wrestling history.

The former WWE and TNA star retried at the age of 37, leaving the business still in his prime and with potential to become a top star in the company.

It has been 16-years since his last match, with fans lamenting the wasted potential of the man who challenged Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship in TNA.

In this article, we’ll reveal what Monty Brown’s last match was, and why he decided to retire from wrestling altogether.

Monty Brown’s Last Match

Monty Brown’s last match in wrestling came during his run in the WWE.

Back in 2007, he went by the name Marcus Cor Von, and was pushed as one of the future stars of the ECW Brand.

Marcus Cor Von was part of “The New Breed”, a stable of young stars set to be pushed as main eventers on ECW. They faced the “ECW Originals” (Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Sandman and Rob Van Dam) in a match at WrestleMania 23.

However, he would retire from wrestling not long after WrestleMania 23, after a match against CM Punk on ECW.

Monty Brown hitting his famous “Pounce” against CM Punk on ECW.

Monty Brown’s last match was against CM Punk on the 19th June, 2007 episode of ECW. This was part of the vacant ECW Championship tournament, which was unattached following Bobby Lashley’s draft to Raw earlier that year.

In a match that didn’t even last seven minutes, CM Punk pinned Monty Brown with a GTS. This set up a match against Chris Benoit for the ECW Championship, although Benoit would be replaced by Johnny Nitro after he murdered his family and killed himself.

Why Did Monty Brown Retire?

Monty Brown retired in 2007 after the death of his sister, leaving the business to help raise her children.

He gave up his career, despite being on big money wrestling on the ECW brand, to raise his nieces and nephews, and as of 2023 has never returned to the ring.

Fightful reported that many promoters have tried to get Monty Brown to come out of retirement in the past, but he is determined to stay retired after his last match against CM Punk.

Monty Brown was recently spotted by fans, and looked very healthy and happy about his decision to stay retired, 16-years later.

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