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Hamish Woodward

Why Did Monty Brown Retire From Wrestling In 2007?

One of the biggest “what ifs?” in wrestling history has to be the former WWE and TNA star Monty Brown. Despite having tons of potential and an incredible finishing move, Monty Brown retired in 2007 at the age of 37, ending his career seemingly in his prime. He was also known as Marcus Cor Von, ...

Hamish Woodward

Monty Brown’s Last Match Before Retiring In His Prime

Monty Brown is one of the biggest “What ifs?” in wrestling history. The former WWE and TNA star retried at the age of 37, leaving the business still in his prime and with potential to become a top star in the company. It has been 16-years since his last match, with fans lamenting the wasted ...

Hamish Woodward

A Monty Brown Sighting Has Fans Lamenting His Missed Potential

A recent photo of Monty Brown in 2023 has fans reminiscing about his time in TNA, and lamenting his wasted potential in pro wrestling. Brown was one of the early stars of TNA, being pushed hard as a top babyfaces in the company. With his famous Pounce finisher, Monty Brown was considered a top prospect ...

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