A Monty Brown Sighting Has Fans Lamenting His Missed Potential

A recent photo of Monty Brown in 2023 has fans reminiscing about his time in TNA, and lamenting his wasted potential in pro wrestling.

Brown was one of the early stars of TNA, being pushed hard as a top babyfaces in the company.

With his famous Pounce finisher, Monty Brown was considered a top prospect in TNA. He almost won the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, but the bizarre decision to keep the belt on Jeff Jarrett was made instead.

He moved to the WWE later on and became Marcus Cor Von. He wrestled against the ECW Originals at WrestleMania 23, but retired from wrestling later that year.

This was due to the death of his sister. Monty Brown retired from wrestling to help raise his sister’s children, ending his wrestling career at the age of just 37.

He has kept out of the limelight in recent years, but fans recently spotted Monty Brown and took a photo of the former TNA star.

This photo was posted to Reddit, and shows a 53-year-old Monty Brown looking incredibly healthy and still in his in-ring shape.

After seeing this photo, fans took to Reddit to discuss how much they miss seeing him on TV, lamenting the wasted potential of a main event Monty Brown run in TNA and WWE.

User “KneeHighMischief” said “Monty is a huge wrestling “What if?”. He was somebody who had the look, charisma & athleticism to be a world champion. Would TNA have been vastly different if they had put the title on him in 2005. Maybe not but it certainly would have been an improvement on yet another long Jeff Jarrett title reign.”

Meanwhile, another user called “DickRhino” called him losing to Jeff Jarrett the biggest booking mistake TNA (now Impact Wrestling) ever made.

“Not putting the title on Monty Brown in 2005 is the greatest booking mistake Jeff Jarrett ever made. The crowd was white hot for him, and I can’t recall a single other time in TNA where they managed to completely deflate the entire fanbase like they did when Monty lost to Jarrett. It was only made worse when Brown was immediately after turned heel and became Jarrett’s lackey.”

Monty Brown’s last ever match was on WWE’s ECW brand, losing to CM Punk in the semi-finals of the ECW Championship tournament.

This was the same tournament that would have seen the CM Punk vs Chris Benoit match in the final, had Benoit not killed himself the night of the show.

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