Sammy Guevara: The 10 Greatest Matches in His AEW Career

Hamish Woodward

Sammy Guevara is one of the best young stars in AEW history.

Over the past four years Guevara has been in AEW, he has wrestled against all the top stars in the company, holding wins over some huge stars in some classic matches.

In his short career so far, he has boasted many achievements. He has been a part of two top factions (Inner Circle and JAS), and has won the TNT Championship two times.

Guevara has main evented pay per views, and put on some of the best matches ever seen in AEW. While he is often controversial, it is impossible to deny he has all the talent to be a star in the company.

Here are 10 matches that showcase Sammy Guevara’s incredible in-ring ability in AEW.

10. vs Cody Rhodes, AEW Holiday Bash 2021

The start of the hot-potatoing of the TNT Championship began at AEW Holiday Bash, in what turned out to be one of Sammy Guevara’s best matches.

The Spanish God won the title from Miro just weeks earlier, and was looking at being a fighting champion with his newly-won title.

However, he lost it at the first hurdle when faced with Cody Rhodes. The American Nightmare took the title for the second time at AEW Holiday Bash 2021, pinning Guevara and ending his short title reign.

This would lead to a ladder match between the pair, which will be mentioned later on in this list.

9. vs Bryan Danielson, Chris Jericho & Claudio Castagnoli, AEW Full Gear 2022

Sammy Guevara earned his first World Championship opportunity when he faced off against three legends of the ring at Full Gear 2022.

Ring of Honor Champion Chris Jericho defended his title against Guevara, and two of the Blackpool Combat Club’s toughest members – Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson.

The match was incredibly fast-paced and hard-hitting, which is exactly what this combination of wrestlers promised before the match,

Guevara came close to winning with a 630 splash, but it was Chris Jericho who ultimately walked away from this great match with the ROH Championship.

8. vs Bryan Danielson, AEW Dynamite 9/11/22 (Two Out Of Three Falls Match)

As seen on AEW All Access, Sammy Guevara impressed in his first match with Bryan Danielson.

This earned him another shot at the American Dragon, this time with the stipulation of two out of three falls.

It was a good match, which is expected between the two stars. There were a few mistakes, this was expected given Sammy Guevara’s high-risk style.

Sammy Guevara cleverly gave up the first fall early on, hitting Danielson with a steel chair to get disqualified. He then attacked him with a microphone, before hitting his finisher to pin the former WWE Champion.

However, Bryan Danielson effortlessly wrestled Sammy Guevara in one of the latter’s best match, dragging the young star to a great bout.

He forced Guevara to tap out to the LeBell Lock, winning the bout 2-1.

7. vs Bryan Danielson, AEW Dynamite 26/10/22

In what felt like a grudge match, despite being their first encounter, Sammy Guevara impressed everybody (including Tony Khan) in his match against Bryan Danielson.

Guevara added a viciousness to his offence, with his high-flying athleticism rarely failing to entertain.

This was countered by the cool, relaxed and effortless style by Bryan Danielson, who became the foil for the Jericho Appreciation Society.

The finish saw Danielson lock in the triangle chock, while hitting his infamous elbows. This presented Guevara as a tough loser while moving the story forward positively.

6. vs Jay Lethal, AEW Dynamite 17/11/21

This mind-blowing main event had no reason to be as good as it was, yet it was better than it needed to be.

Both men are fantastic workers in the ring, but nobody had quite the idea how well they would mesh when they finally got to wrestle each other.

As soon as the bell rang, the match turned into a war, and had the crown on their side immediately. The crowd were electric, enhancing an already fantastic match.

Two world-class performers, some brilliant action and a great atmosphere, it had everything it needed to be one of Sammy Guevara’s best matches.

5. vs MJF, AEW Dynamite 30/6/21

Nearly two years before MJF and Sammy Guevara battled for the AEW Championship at Double or Nothing 2023, the pair main evented Dynamite in a huge bout.

In what was the final match of the pandemic era at Daly’s place, the first encounter between these two pillars exceeded the huge expectations placed upon it.

It told a great story, of a beloved daredevil battling a maniacal genius, with nothing but their pride on the line.

This match was part of the MJF/Chris Jericho feud, and despite the overbooking end to the match, was one of both men’s best matches up until that point.

4. vs Blackpool Combat Club, AEW Blood and Guts 2022

The second Blood and Guts match in AEW ranks it at number 4 on this list, showing the versatility in Sammy Guevara’s match in AEW.

Teaming with the Jericho Appreciation Society, the former TNT Champion faced off against the Blackpool Combat Club, in one of the most star-studded bouts in AEW history.

The match ended with Sammy Guevara being tossed from the top of the cell, as he came crashing down through a table as the match ended.

This was one of the biggest moments in his career so far, and showed that Tony Khan had big plans for the young star going forward.

3. vs The Pinnacle, AEW Blood and Guts 2021

Despite the goofy looking ending, the first Blood and Guts match is one of Sammy Guevara’s best matches.

It was one of the best War Games matches of all time, even if Jericho falling from the cell onto a soft, padded cushion was a ridiculous finish.

The stories in the ring were fantastic, with the past between each man in the match revisited through extreme violence.

Sammy Guevara used the cage to his advantage, flying around the ring and making sure his presence was felt, in a match that it can be easy to sink into the background in.

2. vs Eddie Kingston, Shota Umino & Wheeler Yuta – Forbidden Door 2022

A fairly standard six-man tag team match occurred at Forbidden Door, but executed to perfection.

The match was build, really, to showcase Shota Umino as the underdog babyface, building to his hot tag to clear out the ring and look like the star he is.

There is no one spot that typifies this match, but all six men did their job perfectly and made each look like top class wrestlers.

1. vs Cody Rhodes, AEW Beach Break 2022

By far, the best match in Sammy Guevara’s AEW career is his ladder match against Cody Rhodes.

In the rematch from the first match on this list, Cody Rhodes put his TNT Championship on the line, this time in a ladder match.

Both men left everything in the ring, putting their lives on the line with some of the most innovative and risky spots in wrestling history.

This was exemplified by Sammy Guevara, when he hit a springboard cutter off a ladder, sending Cody Rhodes crashing to the mat, before he climbed the ladder and won back his belt.

Sammy Guevara vs Cody Rhodes was not only Sammy’s best match (it got five stars from Dave Metlzer), but would also turn out to be Cody Rhodes last match in AEW, before returning to WWE.

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