What Happened To Colin Delaney From The WWE? (ECW)

One of the most forgotten stars in WWE history has to be ECW’s resident jobber, Colin Delaney.

Since his WWE release in 2008, he has been seen infrequently in the WWE and AEW, leaving some fans wondering what he is up to now.

What happened to Colin Delaney? Keep reading this article to find out what happened to the former protégée of Tommy Dreamer.

What Happened To Colin Delaney?

Colin Delaney has wrestled on the indepedent scene, since being released by the WWE in 2008.

The former ECW has wrestled under the name Colin Olsen, despite Delaney being his real last name.

While he has not found huge success, he wrestled in various local promotions and even in the former indie wrestling federation known as Chikara.

He wrestled two WWE matches in 2018, working as a jobber on 205 Live, before returning to the independent scene.

His biggest appearances since his release from the WWE came in All Elite Wrestling, the competitor for WWE.

Colin Delaney has wrestled numerous times for AEW, although in classic fashion he has lost every single one. However, he has been trusted to take on some big stars in the company.

On January 29, 2020, Delaney made his All Elite Wrestling debut on AEW Dark. He teamed with Shawn Spears in a losing effort against Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent).

On the December 21, 2021 episode of AEW Dark, he lost to Eddie Kingston, and on the December 29th New Year’s Smash episode of Dynamite, he lost to Wardlow.

He is currently unsigned, and continues to wrestle regularly on the independent wrestling scene.

Colin Delaney vs Big Daddy V

In all of the many squash matches he suffered in during his time in ECW, none were as devastating as his battle against Big Daddy V.

I say battle – it was more like an execution.

Colin Delaney did not get a sniff in his match against Big Daddy V. He was thrown around the ring and dominated by the former King of the Ring winner, in an awesome display of power.

He was hit by a Samoan Drop, a Gorilla Press and a devastating elbow drop before mercilessly being pinned by the 600lb monster.

You can watch the Colin Delaney vs Big Daddy V by click the video below.

His Last Match In WWE

Before being released from WWE in 2008, Colin Delaney wrestled his former mentor Tommy Dreamer, in a huge match on ECW.

This match was an extreme rules match, and came weeks after Delaney turned heel on Dreamer. This was despite Dreamer being the only man who stood by his side as he was crushed by giants like Big Daddy V.

The match took place on 12th August, 2008 episode of ECW, and saw Tommy Dreamer pick up the win in a little over three minutes.

Delaney was released not long after this match, but would return for a series of matches nearly a decade later.

He wrestled in a squash match against the Bludgeon Brothers in 2017, followed by a pair of matches on 205 Live a year later.

He wrestled Hideo Itami on his 205 Live debut, with Colin Delaney’s last WWE match coming in a defeat to Lio Rush, on the 10th July, 2018.

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